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McGraw-Hill Higher Education LearnSmart Advantage

 As McGraw-Hill Higher Education transitions from traditional publishing to a digital-first product suite, there was a need to create a best-in-class online destination to support the suite of LearnSmart Advantage products and serve as the gateway destination for eCommerce. We built a site that provides a centralized destination to promote all five products within the LearnSmart Advantage suite. Every page of the site includes a footer containing a live Twitter feed, dynamic blog roll, and links to all of MHE's social media sites for both students and instructors, keeping visitors up-to-date on the most current MHE news and releases. A robust product catalog includes improved multi-faceted, progressive search, allowing users to easily find what they're looking for. Each product page showcases the key benefits of each solution from both the instructor and student perspective, offering a one-stop solution for all users. The site was built to support future global iterations and international product integration with IP recognition driving international traffic to the appropriate course content and serving eCommerce information in the appropriate currency. Why it's awesome: Learnsmartadvantage.com is a scalable, global solution to support the movement from offline publishing to an online learning.

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