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'Is this Real Life?'? - 3D Emerging into our Lives

First of all, for those of you who don't understand the title of this post, you need to pay YouTube a visit. It's worth it, I promise you. Sadly though, I'm not going to write about David after he visited the dentist (as funny as he is). While caring for my now wisdom-toothless boyfriend after his trip to the dentist, we ended up seeing 'Easy A'? (pretty good if you're looking for a few laughs).  What really struck me were the previews before the movie, since half of them were advertising upcoming films that are being released in 3D!  It's going to be hard for anything to beat Avatar in IMAX but either way, this new trend is pretty cool if you ask me!  Not quite 'real-life'? but it's a close second. Due to many emerging technologies, we as consumers are developing heightened brand expectations and look for more of a shock value in advertising from the brands that we know and love.  3D consumer experiences are certainly doing the trick, and leaving lasting impressions. Recently, brands such as SoBe, Armani Exchange and even Maxim, are taking the 3D route and are drawing quite a bit of attention by doing so.  I can recall the hype and excitement around the Super Bowl in 2009, as everyone had to prepare for the new 3D SoBe commercial by picking up a pair of 3D glasses.  It's not every day you that you can witness masculine football players taking up ballet in 3D! Furthermore, the 3D trend has continued to spread as Armani Exchange has captured the 'hard-edged style and proactive thrill of the future unknown'? through their '2020/Speed Style'? campaign. A|X is a leader in trendy fashions, and will take a lead on the cutting edge of advertising as they invade trendy magazines with their two page 3D spread. Not only is the 3D campaign featured in printed magazines, but it directs readers to special 2D and 3D music videos on their webpage for a well-rounded consumer experience. Similarly, Maxim recently showcased a 3D spread which featured Anna Kournikova in their October issue, equipped with 3D glasses for your viewing pleasure. Yes guys, dreams do in fact come true! Given the experience of seeing a movie or some form of advertisement in 3D, how are we ever going to appreciate anything less than this new 3D norm?  It will be interesting to see what the future holds because who would have ever thought during the days of black and white TV that 3D would exist?  Technologies are developing even more rapidly now.  So, what's next!?

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