5 Reasons Why People Love Lists

'10 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy Needs a Facelift'?, '5 Ways To Ensure You Get Retweeted'?, ' The Top 7 Ways To Integrate Mobile Into Your Marketing Plan'?. We see them every day. Your Twitter feed is probably chock full of them. And the fact that we're merely weeks away from the New Year means that the normal thousands of Top 10's and Top 5 lists are now joined by another thousand 2010 Year End lists. Lists are everywhere, and for good reason. Namely, PEOPLE LOVE LISTS! So in an effort to be ironic, here's a top 5 list of reasons why people love lists. Who wants to read a full article? Lists are really handy at turning what would normally be a multi-paragraph article into smaller, easily digestible, easily quotable facts. And those are fun for everyone involved. They always get retweeted. Really nothing more to say here. It's true, lists get retweeted all the time which is just further proof that PEOPLE LOVE LISTS! But mostly they get retweeted because'?¦ It's a catchy headline. If you've ever seen a top 10 list on how to get your tweets retweeted or your blog read, the number one thing on there is typically 'Make Awesome Headlines'?. And what's more awesome than the promise that by reading only a short number of things you will become successful at something? That reminds me'?¦ The promise that by reading only a short number of things you will become successful at something. It's funny that there are EXACTLY 10 things you can do to be better at Twitter, be a better blogger, be a more savvy marketer, AND be a better boss. It's sort of reminiscent of this great quote by Jerry Seinfeld that goes something like 'It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper.'? Let's get one thing straight; there are no 10 silver bullets on any topic that are the definitive answer to success. In fact, there may only be 4, or 6, or maybe there's 37, but those just aren't as eye-catching as 10. Actually, scratch that, 37 would be pretty eye-catching. Chances are that if there is a list of 10, at least 4 of them are stretches anyway to get to a nice round number. In fact, I could probably just end with this one, but I'm going to stretch to make it to 5 because'?¦ We're lazy. It's true. And I know it's true because this one is really saying the same thing that the first bullet did, and though I just made fun of stretching lists to get to a round number, I do have to admit that 5 reasons just sounds much better than 4.

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