Designers Loathe Papyrus

y Lisa Fortini, Designer, Creative Services If you ask a designer which typeface (or font, to non-designers) is their favorite, they will inevitably launch into a 20 minute diatribe. This long speech will most likely include some rant about how AWFUL Papyrus and Comic Sans are, and possibly mention how amazing they thought the "Helvetica" documentary was. I know it seems silly to most people, but choosing the best typeface is something that designers are very passionate about. We get so passionate that we even post things online about our geeky love of typography. Watch this video personifying a typeface battle.  Designers work very hard to craft a design that is in line with the emotions and messages that the brand wants to communicate to the consumer. The right typeface will make or break a logo, a web page, an ad... potentially an entire campaign. So, please excuse us if we get fussy when we see a poorly formatted Word document in all Comic Sans or a suggestion to use Papyrus as a logo typeface. We're just very passionate about what we do because we want to make the best possible product for our clients

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