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Breathing In Your Morning Coffee

In the over-caffeinated, over-caloried world that we live in, it seems as though people are constantly seeking solutions that save time, money and trips to the gym. Enter Le Whif. Developed by a Harvard University professor, this inhaler based 'food'? product offers up the taste and caffeine of premium chocolate or coffee without the calories. The sensorial experience is delivered via a biodegradable, lip-stick sized tube that contains roughly eight inhalations of pure, mint or raspberry chocolate, or the newest addition ' coffee. It's particle engineering (who knew that existed) at its finest. The coffee Whif delivers about the same amount of caffeine you would get from a single shot of espresso. Pretty brilliant product innovation from a marketing perspective. Here's a great example of a company that is utilizing technology advances to deliver on the needs of a huge consumer segment. While this product may potentially fall into the "novelty" items category, it could be a sign of things to come in the "snacking" category. We're tracking the trends of 100 calories snacks and caffeine infused... well, everything. Seems like a simple puff in the morning could make consumers' busy lives one step easier. What do you think? If you're lucky enough to be in NYC or Boston look for Le Whif at Dylan's Candy Shop or at Cardullo's in Harvard Square. The company has plans to launch national distribution in the near future and move into lunch / dinner options. Check them out at www.LeWhif.com

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