Tweeting DURING Labor?!

I just learned that the wife of Twitter CEO, Evan Williams (@ev's wife @sara), has been tweeting during her labor. Her tweets followed her from when her water broke to when she was admitted to the hospital to when she asked for the epidural. As the CEO's wife, I guess this sort of thing is expected. But as an expectant mom I sort of think that I am going to have other things on my mind when I go into labor. But I don't use Twitter ' I have an account and I even have some followers but I have yet to Tweet or Re-Tweet. What differs between @sara and me is that Twitter has very much become part of her life and her lifestyle. So for her tweeting during labor may not be that big of a deal and it is probably a natural thing for her to do. Or maybe this is her way of helping her husband to generate some big PR.

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