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Conversations with Consumers

Intercepts conducted by Kristin Schue and John Taubeneck Every month we hit the streets to talk to consumers. This month we interviewed 16 individuals between the ages of 22 to 49 years old. Sticking with this month's theme, we asked about how they are learning about new products, what product samples they have recently received and what influence that sample had on purchase intent, what is their favorite commercial and finally, we asked what exactly they were doing on YouTube. Here is what we heard. Word of mouth and internet tied as the best way people learn about new products and services, beating out television and magazine advertisements. 'I trust what my friends say about a product much more than an advertisement on TV.'? ' Karen, 49 Our respondents had received all types of product samples in the last six months, from DVDs to perfume, energy drinks, beauty products, pens and even free underwear! While all respondents admitted to using the free products, many said it wouldn't influence them to go out and buy the product on their own. 'I got a free energy drink because they were handed out on the street. It was disgusting and I would never buy it. Would I try another energy drink? If it was free, definitely!'? 'Tara, 42 When asked what the best commercial the consumers had seen lately, many respondent's response was 'The Heineken commercial with the beer closet for the guys and the shoe closet for the girls.'? 'I love beer commercials and this one was very creative.'? ' Ruchir, 24 Respondents use You Tube to watch funny videos that they heard about from friends. 'My friends always send me hilarious videos.'? ' Alex, 28

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