Change ONE Thing

by Jennifer Peeples, Account Supervisor One of my greatest fears is that I will end up as one of those headless images they show on the news of unsuspecting people walking down a street with a voice over on 'the rise of obesity in America'. And given the media coverage lately on the growing epidemic of teen and childhood obesity, it came as no surprise when AMP was tapped by the Food Bank For NYC to develop an healthy eating campaign targeted at teens in New York City's five boroughs. After a few weeks of focus groups and shadowing teens during their day (chips and soda for lunch anyone?), AMP developed a messaging campaign launching this summer, encouraging teens to think twice before grabbing that energy drink, and that changing ONE thing, wouldn't be so hard. The media was developed specifically to reach this on-the-go, city dwelling (and marketing savvy) target where they are - with lots of OOH, transit and radio, with easy to understand messaging that played to their vanity. It didn't take me long to realize it wouldn't hurt to change one thing myself, and possibly stop the nightmares about ending up on the news.

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