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The Great Equalizer

Will this recession finally remove the 'entitled'? stigma from the Millennial generation? Will they no longer feel that everything is their right and not a privilege? Perchance. Parental and personal lack of funding has removed a lot of the glitz and glam from the mainstays of culture. College students are fighting seasoned workers for entry-level jobs. Thoughts of a 'Super Sweet 16'? or a pimped-out __________ are now filled with realities of dollar-menu delights and settling for stock. This generation has very much been in the trenches of this economic crunch and are beginning to see what real-life can bring. The blissful economic times of years past brought fanciful dreaming that lead to the sense of entitlement that plagues this generation. Well, that's gone now and here to fill the void are bounced checks and layoffs. Welcome to the real world, kids. Honey, get the camera'?¦

It's Awesome to be a Geek Reasons #14 - 18: New Stuff

If you're not aware of these new technologies, you should be. They will take over your life sooner or later. 14. OLED ' it stands for Organic LED (Light Emitting Diode). These carbon-based LED systems have more contrast ratio than you can shake a stick at. They are thinner, lighter and kick the butt of even the best TVs on the market today. A 32-incher in the future will weigh about 11 pounds and be about 8mm thick. 15. Android ' not the eat-your-face kind of Android ' Google Android. It's a new operating system for cell phones. With a rumored 15 releases across multiple carriers by the time people starting ho-ho-ho'ing, there will surely be one coming to a store near you. 16. Windows 7 ' Vista has gone the way of the mastodon in favor of its newer, less fancifully named successor, Windows 7. The new operating system ships out in October 2009 and promises everything Vista wasn't. 17. Vimeo.com ' this isn't that new, but it's a high-definition-only alternative to YouTube. With high quality video and artful influence, it gives a different perspective on user-generated video. Inane camera-phone videos of people talking to their cat need not apply. 18. Boxee ' it's part media aggregator and part social networking. Watch TV, listen to music, share stuff with friends ' all for free. It's still in test mode, but this software shows a lot of promise for the future. Look for lots of headlines of this one in the future.

How to Predict the Future of Social Media (in 150 words or less)

Fact: Humans need to feel emotionally fulfilled. It's a part of our genetic makeup. Whether or not they know it, many consumers exert this need through social media. Making new friends, reconnecting with old ones, seeing pics from your friend's brother's roommate's party last Saturday ' it allows humans to feel interconnected, loved and part of emotionally beneficial relationships ' however shallow they may be manifested. Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and the like ar

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