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What's In a Window? In Digital Age, Stores' Traditions Gain Relevance

Cue the street-vendor chestnuts and red-kettle Santas: New York is firing up its Christmas retail engines with the annual unveiling of holiday windows.  And it’s more than a quaint tradition, even if sidewalk throngs feel like a throwback to a pre-Amazon existence. Not only do the windows stoke fourth-quarter tourism, they also provide an opportunity for retailers to differentiate themselves from one another, and strike whatever mood they think will lure pedestrians from the street.  Windows of opportunity.

  • November 15, 2016

Technology May Be Retail’s Only Savior

Across the retail industry, a debate has been brewing about the role of digital in bricks-and-mortar stores. From the use of beacons and mobile checkouts to on-screen product displays, the question of how — and why — technology should be used in retail is certainly a hot topic. And while many experts feel that filling shops with screens detracts from the customer experience, technology is probably the only thing that can save the modern in-store shopping experience.  Hate it or love it, tech is here to stay.

Coca-Cola’s mobilized billboard engaged narcissistic Gen Z, delivering 350M social impressions

This summer, Coca-Cola integrated a Times Square billboard with a mobile activation that helped passersby seamlessly interact with the brand digitally. By Tweeting their first name, pedestrians could see trivia related to their name show up on the Time Square screen and receive a photo when it appeared that could be shared. During a three-week period, the What’s In a Name campaign generated 5.4 million audience impressions, 350 million social impressions and 42,000 social posts with the #COKEMYNAME hashtag. And that’s only half of it. See how else Coke innovated to connect with Gen Z

Lowe's Taps Into Tech to Promote New Manhattan Locations

Home-improvement retailer Lowe's is bringing its popular "Fix in Six" Vine campaign to life. To build buzz for the new Lowe's location in the Chelsea district of Manhattan, the brand illustrated two new fixes that cater to city living: painting a room a light color to make it look bigger and hanging a bike from the ceiling to save space. It’s a smart bit of content targeting, a charming way to blend digital with in-store installations and a great way to introduce the new location to the community. Check out Lowe’s Live Vines

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