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Hyper Island Co-Founder Extolls the Merits of "Doing By Learning"

Hyper Island. If you're not a fan already, it probably just means you haven't been following along with them. If there's an organization that's boldly going into the future, it's Hyper Island - a school founded on the idea of growing tomorrow's leadership in an increasingly digital world - while aiming to "teach people about things we yet didn’t know anything about."   In this thoughtful and substantial piece on Medium, Hyper Island co-founder David Erixon talks about going beyond "learning by doing" - a core pillar of Hyper Island's programs, and getting all that goodness back into the rest of the world by putting today's business leaders in the crosshairs a bit. David wonders whether our leaders today have lost the ability to envision alternative futures, to create - as the reason why many of us so easily feel abstracted from the creative process as managers and producers. Maybe this is why the business world isn't learning and changing to keep pace with the world around it.   Great piece. Read it twice.  "Doing by Learning" by David Erixon on Medium

  • 1 min read
  • March 1, 2016

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