And Then Advertising Got Weird: What is Oddvertising?

Just before the original dot-com bubble burst all over the economy, some marketers started pushing the edges of advertising. Most were startups and brands trying to grab attention with unconventional work, but what emerged was something even more unusual in tone. Eager to reach younger audiences with discretionary income, the ads became more risky and offbeat, as marketers grew fascinated with exploring how weird they can get before crossing a line. And more than a decade later, we’re still defining that line. Odd for odd's sake.

The 100 Jokes That Shaped Modern Comedy

Whether you're a conservative aunt and local PTA activist, or whether you're a teen in a darkly-lit mancave concerned with only the dankest of memez, if you're online, you like funny stuff. One might even say that humor is the primordial ooze of the internet and the star of our globally-connected consciousness. So, for your edification and education, here is a compendium of moments in humor that made funny what it is today, from Buster Keaton to Amy Schumer. Read the Full Article over at The Vulture. Image credit: The Vulture Read the full article over at The Vulture.

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