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AMP Agency Endorses HookLogic's New Performance Marketing Capabilities

HookLogic, the pioneer of performance marketing for brands, today announced exciting new features as part of its 2.0 platform release, arming brand marketers with enhanced controls to drive sales performance across 80 percent of the top multi-brand retailers. The key new features include: Advanced Attribution Reporting ' an upgraded reporting suite now includes more granular sales attribution data, enabling greater insight into bidding strategies and resulting sales. Bid Multipliers ' new bidding features enable brands to create and manage campaign strategies using bid multipliers for different shopper segments and stages in the shopping funnel. Advertisers can focus their investment on shoppers currently in-market, looking at related products for cross-sell, and shopping more broadly, as well as different page placements such as homepages, category browse, keyword search, product detail pages, and shopping carts. Keyword Controls ' brands now have improved keyword controls to deploy cross-sell strategies and more granular targeting. Endorsing the product benefits, AMP Agency's Director of Integrated Media, Megan Walsh, stated: 'We are always looking for new value to offer our brands, and HookLogic provides true innovation in search on ecommerce sites. Now we can show a definitive ROI broken out against each of their different business strategies. This is a game-changer.'? Read the full release here.

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