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Teach Your Pet a New Trick'?¦ or Treat

'Tricks'? and 'treats'? are two words synonymous with dog owners. As a dog, you learn early in life that if you do a trick ' e.g., roll over, shake hands, sit ' you're rewarded with a treat. But as Halloween nears, it seems like the pairing of 'tricks'? and 'treats" is turning into 'trick or treat'? for many pets/owners. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), American consumers are expected to spend $4.75 billion on Halloween this year. A slight decrease from last year's Halloween spending, some are saying the drop would have been more significant due to overarching economic factors if it weren't for the booming pet industry. The American Pet Products Association reports that pet related spending will reach $45.4 billion this year ' with Halloween becoming a key time period for brands to cash in on pet consumerism. The biggest Halloween pet trends: costumes and Halloween treats. Buzz around the office this year is not only about who will win the best costume contest on Friday (for humans), but also, what Duffer will be wearing (Prince Charming) or if Josey will be posing as the Bone Collector or as Peyton Dogging. Gourmet dog bakeries like Three Dog and Healthy Hound are featuring special Halloween themed treats to ensure you don't forget about the four-legged trick-or-treaters. And if your pet packs on a few extra Halloween pounds, don't worry ' the pending installment of Wii Fit lets you create an avatar for your dog or cat and track their weight loss. I'm sure a paw remote is already in development. In case you're wondering, NRF is predicting that top pet costumes this year will be: 1. Pumpkin 2. Devil 3. Bowties/Fancy Collars 4. Witch 5. Superdog/Supercat 6. Princess 7. Bat 8. Dog 9. Angel 10. Bee

Halloween Costume Planning From The Search Desk

I'm addicted to Google Insights for Search. For those who are not familiar, Google Insights provides an index comparing popularity of a search term vs. overall Google searches. So, whenever I have a question on public opinion it's one of the first sources I turn to get a general sense of what is on peoples' minds. Who is leading in American Idol? According to Google Insights Adam and Kris were clearly locks for the finale. Now it's October and Idol is long over; leaves are turning, pumpkins are on front stoops and the annual question of what to be for Halloween is starting to surface. With the recent passing of Michael Jackson, there is no doubt there will be more than a few Michaels on the trick or treat tour. So, if you seek to honor the King of Pop but want to keep it original here's a quick tip from Google Insights. Smooth Criminal and Thriller costume searches are on the rise. There's a pretty good chance you will run into a few of those. If you want to be unique, bust out your glove for the Billie Jean or Bad look and you are far more likely to avoid your long lost twin. Who's Bad?

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