$25,000 Reward for Great Marketing Idea

You can do a lot of things with craigslist.org.  You can post a job, find a job, search for a missed connection, find a date. You can buy a couch, sell a couch, sell a car.  But find a social media strategy?  A viral marketing campaign?  I didn't think so either, until I stumbled across the following posting:   $25,000 Reward for Great Marketing Idea (Bedford, MA) http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/mar/1613790790.html Have you always wanted a chance to prove your business and marketing skills? We have just launched the website www.franklingoose.com and have been trying to figure out how to apply Seth Godin's viral marketing concepts to it. While the site is doing well it is not as viral as we would like it. We will give $25,000 to the person who gives us an idea we believe will make it viral. There could easily be a long term employment or contract work if you are successful. 1. The idea must be submitted by March 31st (sooner is better) 2. The first idea we like and want to use will win 3. Winning is at our discretion. If you don't trust us, don't submit your ideas. 4. The idea should be simple and generally implementable within 24 hours 5. It should be clear that it will at least double the business success by the end of June. Rules: Legally you should know that when you submit ideas that we will consider them in the public domain. Franklin Goose essentially provides 'mindful baby products'? ' think organic onsies, toy trucks made from wood, 'green'? cleaning products, etc.  As a new mom, I was excited to find this site and I did make a purchase (a travel bottle warmer '?¦ something that I think will get a lot of use in my house'?¦ err car'?¦ or rather something that I will use a lot).  As a marketer, I thought this was a great idea and a great use of social media.  I am also a little nervous that it will put us out of business'?¦ but it is still an interesting idea. But it is not really a new idea. Over the past several years, brands have been turning to consumers for all kinds of marketing ideas ' Doritos is one of many brands that pop to mind.  And more recently we have started to see brands using the channel that they want to advertise / market into to find ideas.  JetBlue's Marty St. George, SVP marketing and commercial, recently 'tested'? its potential advertising AOR's digital savvy by asking them to find him on twitter'?¦via twitter. What this tells me is that brands and companies are smart ' they are using social media and understand its power.  They are looking for marketers (individuals and agencies) that understand those channels as well.  People who understand that to effectively use social media you need to do more than just start a Facebook page or Twitter account. Franklin Goose is off to a good start. They seem to have a good presence with the mommy bloggers (I have found several blogs that have highlighted its promotions and give aways) and have a Twitter and Facebook presence but it is looking to do more.  I am excited to see what happens with their contest.  To see what kind of ideas they get.  I have reached out to them (yes, I did ask they are accepting agency submissions) and am hoping that we can share some of our ideas.

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