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An Intern(al) Point of View

by Julie Cohen, Intern, Creative Services As soon as I graduated from high school, my father, a self-employed Executive Recruiter, informed me that from then on I would be 'making good use of my summers.'? His idea of 'good use'? did not involve taking a job as a camp counselor, lifeguard, or waitress. It meant interning. Four years, a college degree, and eight (yes, you read that right, EIGHT) internships later, I landed the Creative Intern position here at AMP Agency. Prior to AMP, I networked my way through New York and Boston, taking on different internships every summer of college, sometimes two simultaneously. Sure, there were the occasional coffee runs and filing, but in retrospect, I never had a bad internship. However, I feel like all my previous experiences were just one big test run for AMP. I walked into the office on my first day and immediately realized that I had never been inside an agency as welcoming and communicative as AMP.  Rather than sitting isolated behind cubicles, people pop their heads over the short walls separating desks to exchange a joke or feedback on a client project. When one of the Creatives took me around the office to introduce me to my new colleagues, I could not have felt more comfortable. Everyone was genuinely interested in my background and enthusiastic about his or her client work at AMP. In the past, after being given a project at an internship, I've looked over at what my superiors were working on and thought, 'That looks so cool, I wish I could do that!'? At AMP, no such thing will ever cross my mind. Why? Because I am too busy pouring my design skills into everything the Creative team throws my way, which has lately been an out-of-home marketing program targeting teens. By no means does my work as an intern allude only to menial tasks like resizing or re-linking images in InDesign. I am instead given part of a project that the other members of the Creative team are also involved in. Today, while one of the full-time designers is resolving a print piece, I, between spurts of prose for this blog entry, am creating a vector image for the same print campaign. Sometimes I almost forget that I am an intern. My colleagues speak to me on the same friendly, respectful level as they regard each other. They trust that I will complete multiple projects with specific deadlines, responsibilities I used to associate only with a real-world, full-time design job. I didn't know it until I got here, but AMP Agency is exactly what I have been looking for: a great client base and talented group of people from which I can learn and improve. Every morning I wake up and can't wait to get to work. There is no place like AMP.

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