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Dear Martha and Scott, Please Stop Calling Me!

My phone has been ringing off the hook. Some pretty powerful and famous people want to talk to me ' I have gotten calls from President Obama, Bill Clinton, and Curt Schilling to name a few. I should be flattered, I should feel important but instead I am annoyed and angry. It is too much.  All of these calls are related to the election for the Massachusetts Senate seat. And I am constantly bombarded by one candidate or the other. Yesterday in an hour and half (from 4:00-5:30PM) I got 5 different calls from either Martha Coakley or Scott Brown's campaign. That's a call just about every 20 minutes. While the phone was ringing I was watching TV ' there was a commercial for either Martha or Scott every break. During one break there were 4 in a row ' ugh. I understand the importance of the upcoming election and I get that it is a surprisingly competitive race but seriously enough is enough. This morning the phone started ringing AGAIN.  I found myself begging (seriously begging) them to stop calling me. I am not sure this is the response they were hoping for.  But I don't think that I am the only one who is having this reaction. Marketing is supposed to persuade, to create a positive experience, to connect a brand to an individual, and in an ideal scenario educate the consumer. And I wonder if there was a little bit less marketing from either Coakley or Brown if their marketing efforts would be more effective. They have certainly done a good job surrounding their consumers, Massachusetts voters, with their messages but like I said, it is too much. To be truly effective, brands not only need to find the right message but they also have to find the right frequency to deliver that message. Because if the frequency is too high, that message is lost and becomes white noise, and if it is too low, then it may never be heard at all. According to industry standards, in order to increase base level brand awareness, an effective frequency of messaging is 4-6x. Attention Martha and Scott - that's per campaign... not every hour! Finding that right balance between the message and the frequency of which it is delivered is a definite challenge and is something that AMP is constantly measuring and assessing for our clients based on their objectives. I am not sure if either Martha or Scott found that balance but I guess we will find out on election day.

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