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New Facebook Insights

In late June, Facebook announced a series of updates to the Facebook insights tool including an overhauled visual aesthetic, access to additional data points and a series of new features that allow marketers to more strategically analyze and execute within Facebook. Two critical updates are the elimination of 'people talking about this'? and 'virality'? as key metrics. People Talking About This has been replaced by a more detailed breakdown of individual metrics including Page Likes, People Engaged, Page Tags and Mentions, Page Checkins and Other Interactions. And page Virality now accounts for clicks on a post in addition to likes, comments and shares. This new measure has been renamed 'Engagement Rate'? and better reflects the overall interactions that occur with your content. This is a better measure of page engagement because at times it may matter more if someone clicks on a link or clicks to expand an image than if you're audience 'likes'? of 'comments'? on a post (still great actions because they expand the reach of your post). New Facebook Insights Dashboard The new overview presents a cleaner snapshot of your Facebook performance with an aggregated view of the last seven days of page activity and your last five posts. While this snapshot provides a great view of recent performance, the true benefits of the Insights update occur when you dive into the correlating tabs and begin to explore. Consolidated Post Details View Analyzing individual posts in Facebook's old Insights dashboard required aggregation of data across various views, and depending on the information desired, through a CSV data export. The new 'Post Details'? view provides a consolidated snapshot of all relevant post metrics ' people reached, likes, comments, shares, post clicks, link clicks, other clicks and negative feedback details all within one cleanly organized view. Another update in the Posts tab is the ability to sort by your post engagement metrics by four unique options, so depending on what type of engagement you're seeking you can examine posts on an even playing field. The sorting views include: Post Clicks / Likes, Comments and Shares Likes / Comments / Shares Post Hides, Hides of All Posts, Reports of Spam, Unlikes Engagement Rate ([clicks + likes + shares + comments] / people who saw your posts) When Your Fans Are Online One of the updates generating the most buzz is the new 'When Your Fans Are Online'? view within the Posts tab. Knowing when your audience is online ' both key days of the weeks and times ' can help you better schedule posts to align with the largest potential reach. This feature is not only helpful in identifying the key times to publish content, but can also help inform flighting for paid advertising campaigns assuming you're trying to connect with your core audience of followers. Best Post Types Whether it be photos, links, videos or a simple text update, your audience likely responds and interacts differently to post content based on the format used. The new 'Best Post Type'? view provides a simple side-by-side comparison of post types allowing for the analysis of how different mediums perform with your audience and which get the highest levels of engagement. This information can help inform future content development as well as shed light on the optimal types of content to leverage for paid advertising such as promoted posts.

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