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Sweet Deal

Recently, Facebook announced the addition of a deals service to its Facebook Places. Similar to Four Square, after 'checking- in'? via their mobile device, consumers are able to view a variety of deals being offered in their area. After selecting the offer desired, redemption is as easy as showing the screen of your cell-phone to the cashier. With over 200 million consumers accessing Facebook via their cell phone, this application seems like a no-brainer for businesses struggling with how to drive consumers into their stores. Facebook Deals are very easy to create and companies have control over the duration and quantity of the deals being offered. Currently, there are four different types of deals for brands to work with: 1.       Individual ' standard purchase incentive for new or existing customers. 2.       Friends ' builds exposure by offering discounts to a larger group who must 'check-in'? together. 3.       Loyalty ' customers access deals by checking in multiple times. 4.       Charity ' brand donates dollars for every 'check-in'?, thereby giving back to the community. Most importantly, Facebook Deals are convenient. While businesses can only run one of these Deals at a time, the duration and quantity settings provide the opportunity to test different types of Deals throughout the year to see which works best. Consumers do not have to worry about printing anything or forgetting their coupon at home. And retailers can have a special offer in the market after only a few clicks of the mouse, immediately driving traffic into their locations. With Black Friday fast approaching, it will be interesting to see how retailers (especially mom-and-pop establishments) take advantage of this latest addition to Facebook Places in an effort to increase their holiday traffic.

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