Google and Amazon Look for Growth in Digital Education Market

Google and Amazon have put their fingers into so many pies over the years that it is hard to believe there are any left. There are, however—and this week, the two giants announced they are separately in the process of sticking their whole hands into the field of education. The minds of the next generation are in their hands.

Google Docs And Classroom: Your School Year Sidekicks

Google has made writing papers even easier with the new Research tool. The feature allows Android users to search Google without having to leave the document they are writing. With just a few clicks it’s possible to add quotes, facts or images directly from Google to your document. Papers can now be written hands free with Google Voice tool, as well. School is in and Google worked straight through their summer for you

  • September 3, 2015

Microsoft Is Launching A Portal For Teachers To Use Minecraft In The Classroom

Microsoft is proving that video games can be used as a fun, hands-on way to spark creativity while helping children to learn. Together with Swedish game developer Mojang, the Microsoft in Education Team is launching Minecraft in Education, a portal for teachers to discuss and share ways their students can learn by using the game in the classroom. The sandbox open-world game is already being utilized as a teaching tool for students in subjects like math, history and geography. And since the only limit in the game is the user's imagination, students can reimagine art, master problem-solving skills and explore their own creativity. How Minecraft is changing the way we learn

Nickelodeon Unveils “Noggin,” A Mobile Subscription Service For Preschoolers Arriving In March

Parents, rejoice. Nickelodeon has unveiled a mobile streaming service that pairs exclusive show content with short-form educational games. Priced at $5.99 per month and geared towards a mobile audience (think car rides), it’s a smart way for Nickelodeon to capitalize on consumer viewing habits to add value and boost revenue streams. Read more about Noggin on TechCrunch

  • February 26, 2015

A New Way to Tell Stories That Outlive the Media’s Attention Span

We take it for granted that the media presents news chronologically. Now, a startup called Coda wants to change that, providing more in-depth, nuanced coverage that depicts the thematic evolution of a crisis or news story. There’s certainly an appetite for ongoing media analysis- Vice documentaries, Ukrainian protest coverage and the Serial podcast are obvious examples- but new storytelling methods require new storytelling devices. The startup has created several tools to depict emerging trends, themes and meta-commentary. Read the full Wired article on Coda

  • February 26, 2015

Why reading and writing on paper can be better for your brain

The growing body of research that indicates that reading from a hard copy and longhand note-taking are superior to on-screen interaction ignores the benefits of digital experiences. Digital environments enable unparalleled creative freedom and intellectual wandering, even if they trail paper in certain types of memory and retention. It’s time to dismiss the idea that there is only one way of reading, and to reimagine the ways that digital can activate our wandering minds. Read the article on The Guardian...

  • February 23, 2015

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