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Coming to a Retail Location Near You: The Displays of CES

If you happen to be looking for a great recap of the best TVs to come out of CES, you're going to want to go here. If you weren't misled by this post title and you really are looking for displays that brands will be integrating into their retail and event environments over the next 6-18 months, you won't be disappointed. This year's International Consumer Electronics Show offered a number of new and slightly upgraded display technologies from years past. Here are just a few of them. Glasses-Less 3D This was a bit of a fledgling technology to come out last year. While everyone was spending massive real estate on their new 3D OLED TVs, a few companies showcased glasses-less 3D technology. They may take a few more generations of updates before they become viable consumer products, but just imagine being able to create amazing 3D displays for your product at retail without requiring shoppers to put on clunky 3D glasses. Transparent Screens Imagine you go into a convenient store for a 16 oz soft drink. Right as you reach for the refrigerator door to pick your usual beverage of choice, a high-definition display is activated right onto the transparent door glass. There were a number of brands which showcased transparent screens in multiple forms - some as big as a refrigerator door. Screenless Screen What if a display is no longer inhibited by the physical space you are in? The folks at Displair are answering that exact question by projecting video and imagery on a fine mist. We've seen this technology before, but it now has the ability to interact with user actions. Check out the video below for a demonstration. While a few of these are still a bit off in terms of becoming commercially viable, the possibilities for brands at retail and in the event space are almost limitless.

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