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What's New In Social Media This Week'?¦

Check out the latest social media news for this week'?¦ GroupMe, a social media startup, is giving brands the opportunity to create and engage in group messaging conversations about them.  The brands will have the ability to send messages, answer questions, share photos, post promotions and more.  Read more'?¦ Ever wondered how the click-per-share ratio compares between Facebook and Twitter?  Mashable pulled 3 months worth of their social data and calculated the click-per-share rate.  Twitter users are more likely to share an article but not read it, while Facebook users click on more articles than they share.  Also, Twitter received about .38 clicks per tweet while Facebook received 3.31 clicks per engagement ' which is 8.7x more clicks than a tweet.  Read more'?¦ Only .05% of Twitter users' tweets attract attention.  Of the 260 million tweets with URLs that were analyzed by Yahoo Research, nearly 50% of the tweets came from 'elite'? users: media, celebrities, organizations, and bloggers.  Read more'?¦ Twitter has released a new set of developer tools that will make it easier to embed fully-functional tweets on the Web.  Read more'?¦

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