We’ve Forgotten the Power of Humility

The internet has created the impression of limitless knowledge at our fingertips. But, by making us lazy, they have opened up a space that ignorance can fill. Psychologist Tania Lombrozo explains how technology enhances our illusions of wisdom. The way we access information about an issue is critical to our understanding – and the more easily we can recall an image, word or statement, the more likely we’ll think we’ve successfully learned it, and refrain from effortful cognitive processing. With a little humility, I'd be perfect.

AI and Deep Learning Explained

Every day, it seems like we're interacting with another "bot." We're building AI-powered platforms into our products and services, and there's a lot of nomenclature flying around. Here's a handy round-up of terms, definitions, and background on machine learning, artificial intelligence and neural networks, to mention a few. Read "What Counts as Artifically Intelligent? on The Verge

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