Holy Cow, Facebook Bans Milk! Sorta...

According to Facebook's new regulations, you are no longer allowed to conduct a promotion whose purpose is to 'promote any of the following product categories: gambling, tobacco, dairy, firearms, prescription drugs, or gasoline'?. Wait, dairy? As in milk and cheese? Dairy is treated in the same context as gambling, firearms and tobacco? This REALLY brings a new meaning to lactose intolerance. As it turns out, this really isn't that far off from rules that many states already employ with regards to sweepstakes. Many state laws prohibit companies from offering dairy as prize according to this Chicago Tribune article, on the same topic. This is also included in Facebook's regulations. So what are our friends in the dairy industry to do? It seems for now, that they should just wait. It appears that Facebook will soon be updating the regulations to remove dairy from the naughty list. Which is great because it will give AMP just enough time to launch our new Cheese Wheel Promotional Capabilities in early 2010.

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