The Evolution of Customer Service

With so much technology available to make for amazing customer experiences, most companies still haven’t managed to deal with the basics. There are a few companies, take Amazon and Sephora, who are at the forefront of customer experience technology. But most customer service operations are still not savvy enough for customers to avoid the burden of the old phone call. The future of customer experiences will be far simpler – and companies need to start evolving now. Infographic: 9 predictions on the future of customer service.

Fidelity Creates Its Vision For Customer Experience

Recognizing that customers prefer to conduct business across a number of channels, Fidelity created a seamless experience, making it easy for someone to change channels mid-conversation without having to start over. This also easily allows switching from social media (not great for sharing private information) and they are testing Skype experiences. The end of “Let me transfer you”?

Mobile Helps Parents Make Better Purchasing Decisions (Infographic)

In a recent study of parents, Facebook IQ found that parents, especially Milennials, are using their phones for more informed purchasing decisions. Parents are five times more likely to use Facebook when making family purchases than parenting websites. Today, 56% of moms follow businesses on Instagram and even more of them consider it a place to learn about products and services. Keeping these stats in mind, brands need to ensure that information and advice is easily available to parents on mobile. And don’t underestimate how kids are influencing parents.

Is Digital Experience Management the New Social Business?

Organizations are struggling to find a model that can handle rapid technology changes, channel proliferation, data-driven insights, and intimate customer relationships. While market leaders have proven the success of strategic social business, they are also looking for digital experience management to handle all touchpoints- beyond social. Companies will need to map out the entire universe of digital possibilities and attack the full scale of the challenge. Will organizations adopt a holistic approach?

Why Retailers Are Missing Out on Mobile With Millennials

Many teen retailers have simply shrunk their desktop sites, to appeals to an audience more often on their phone than on a computer. The stark simplicity of the teen brand app experience is amplified when compared with shopping apps from more innovative retailers who’ve invested huge amounts in infrastructure for loyalty-rewarding coupons and virtual reality elements that are winning over consumers.  Measuring customer value across channels

  • February 22, 2016

The Most Popular Ways Consumers Discover New Products

MarketingSherpa commissioned an online survey that asked U.S. consumers: "In which of the following ways, if any, do you learn about new products you would like to purchase? Please select all that apply." In-store browsing and word-of-mouth led the list. A good read on engaging an audience holistically, not by channel. Channel relationships and the multi-channel journey

Speed and scale: Unlocking digital value in customer journeys

In much the same way that the leap to digital means rethinking how an analog process works, the leap from transforming a single journey to tackling many at once means rethinking how digitization works. As organizations assemble digital building blocks for the long term, they also need short-term, pragmatic moves that meet customer expectations and protect core businesses today. McKinsey & Company provides insights to support complex journey mapping.

  • November 20, 2015

Competing on Customer Journeys

Innovative companies now treat the management of a consumer journey as a product, something that’s planned, managed and optimized. Harvard Business Review sees a significant shift in strategy occurring across industries, from primarily reactive to aggressively proactive. Companies are designing and refining journeys to attract shoppers and keep them, creating customized experiences so finely tuned that once consumers get on the path, they are irresistibly and permanently engaged. Benefit from the journey itself.

  • November 11, 2015

Customer Obsession IsThe New Design

The word “Design” gets thrown around a lot, and it describes a number of different roles. While “Design-Led” companies have often been touted as the key to success, this author suggests that what we really mean is being completely obsessed with customers. Its more than an interface or form of beauty, its about truly understanding how people live to create solutions for them with meaning. Does you company need a Chief Customer Obsession Officer?

Competing on Customer Journeys

Traditional purchase cycles are changing because consumers have access to more information and powerful digital tools. And the information businesses now have about their customer base also offers huge opportunities for them to increase loyalty. The best practitioners aim not just to improve the existing journey, but to expand it. Read How to create new value at every step.

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