If People Are Price-Sensitive To Ethical Products, Then Redefine The Pricing Scheme

It’s challenging, if not impossible to make domestic, ethical clothing at prices that are both affordable for consumers and sustainable for brands. Fast fashion has been accelerating the pace of creation and consumption, and dragging the perception of real value into the ground. Even as people spend less on clothing in raw dollar amounts, they are still buying more stuff than ever before. But given the perception problems the apparel industry has right now, it's full of opportunities for a psychological evolution.   The power of shifting perception.

Warm Up With a Virtual Tour of a Brazilian Coffee Plantation

Nestle’s 360 app gives consumers a 360-degree view of Brazil’s coffee fields. Inside the app, three 3D videos showcase how Nestlé’s Nescafé Plan helps its farmers and network of suppliers achieve better quality coffee, higher yields and an increased income. Harnessing new technology companies can now transport people to new places to discover, share information or tell their stories.  A New Era of Transparency

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