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At Last, Shia LaBeouf Performance Art We Get

Maligned celebrity Shia LaBeouf is back with a surprisingly tuned-in performance art piece about digital culture. LaBeouf recently stood in front of a green screen and spouted philosophical musings for a half-hour, delivering inspirational wisdom and absurd rants in equal measure. The actor is encouraging audiences to edit the video into an entirely new work of their own creation: "The audience for our projects and experiences are as much part of the work as we are — they complete the work," Rönkkö, Turner, and LaBeouf told the Guardian. "It comes from this idea that we are all artists really, and we are all expressing ourselves more than ever across Twitter and social media.” Check out the original performance and a few of the best audience edits

Starbucks Links Loyalty Program With Spotify For Mobile and In-Store Music

Starbucks has partnered with Spotify to let baristas and customers alike curate music playlists, whether in-store or on the go. The partnership will provide My Starbucks Rewards members unique access to Starbucks music on Spotify, the ability to influence in-store playlists and even the ability to earn rewards points. It’s a crowdsourced spin on the retail entertainment experience and a smart way to make music discovery part of Starbucks’ brand. Learn more about the partnership on Brandchannel

The social graph won’t save us from what’s wrong with online reviews

Nine out of ten Americans say that checking online reviews is an important part of shopping, but an equal number say such reviews are sometimes manipulated. Social graphs attempt to solve this problem by favoring the recommendations and activities of users’ friends over strangers, but this solution assumes the platforms themselves are trustworthy, and that reviews from friends are unbiased (rather than influenced by discounts and freebies). When good reviews improve a business’ bottom line, how do we keep reviews honest?

Tell Us Your Story

A chronicling of all the brands that want to hear your stories. There's a time and a place, brands. "Tell Us Your Story" Tumblr

Kickstarter Introducing Subtitles and Captions

Creativity is universal, so shouldn’t crowdfunding be? Kickstarter has added subtitles and captions to make it easier for creators to reach people all over the world, regardless of language. The goal is to fuel creative ideas by making Kickstarter even more accessible to the global community. Read the full announcement on Kickstarter

The Local Eyes Project

To discover a country and its culture, the best solution is to share moments with its inhabitants. The Local Eyes Project delivers disposable cameras to locals, who invite curious travelers into their lives by photographing rarely captured settings and sharing insights about their home cities. Site visitors can explore pictures, watch video testimonials, explore pictures and connect to local culture. It’s a gorgeous website. Experience the project here

Smartphones Are Helping This Nonprofit Keep A Generation Of Memories Alive

Whether they admit it or not, everyone is searching for an authentic connection. Dedicated to archiving meaningful human conversations, Brooklyn-based nonprofit StoryCorps has slowly assembled the largest single collection of human voices ever gathered since it began working in 2002. Now that it’s released its first-ever mobile app, StoryCorps has dramatically expanded its reach. The app will give new groups a voice, providing a window into places like homeless shelters, refugee camps and prisons. How smartphones are keeping memories alive

'Super Troopers 2' is a go after raising $2 million in 1 day

Shenanigans or not, the proposed sequel to cult comedy Super Troopers was fully funded in just over 24 hours. With 31 days left in the project’s Indiegogo campaign, fans still have plenty of time to donate for a higher-budget film. It’s more proof of the power of crowdfunding. New funding and distribution models amplify more diverse voices— creators and consumers win. Read the full article and donate right meow

Inside the Mad, Mad World of TripAdvisor

Research almost any travel destination and you'll probably wind up on travel-industry Goliath, where passionate people praise and denounce everything from romantic getaways to cockroach-infested hotel rooms. But who can you trust? How do our travel expectations affect our enjoyment of the trips we take, and when is it best to break away from the herd in search of something unique? See how TripAdvisor is changing the way we travel

New York Times debuts documentary short films ‘Made with Kickstarter’

Dwindling resources and the changing media landscape has forced media outlets to adapt. New media meets old in “Made with Kickstarter,” the New York Times’ new series of documentary shorts that were partially funded by the crowdfunding platform. “We wanted these films to feel like they had a home on NYTimes.com,” said Kareem Ahmed, growth strategy editor for video at the New York Times. “We also pulled stories that we normally wouldn’t do, not because we’re too busy but because it’s a unique perspective that the Times wouldn’t have been able to offer.” Learn more and watch the first film on Geekwire

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