Rethink: “All Stories Are the Same”

You heard it a million times in 2015: “You’ve got to tell a story. It’s the only path to attention.” Then, you ran out and started reading all of those “Back to Storytelling” articles. Yeah. We read them, too. In an effort to make the subject accessible, a dangerous trope arose and became the high-sign for all marketers and otherwise business people: “All Stories Are the Same.” Well, Lincoln Michel (Editor-in-Chief of awesome blog, Electric Literature) has had enough. Read his scathing critique of John Yorke’s “All Stories Are the Same” piece in the Atlantic, and come back to reality: Stories are hard.    Learn more:  A scathing critique of "All Stories Are the Same" by Lincoln Michel John Yorke Author of “All Stories Are the Same” in the Atlantic Lincoln Michel, (Editor-in-Chief of awesome blog, Electric Literature)  

  • 1 min read
  • January 20, 2016

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