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Pulse Survery Results - Coupons and Contests

Every month we survey our Pulse Network, a network of over 10,000 millennials. This month, we had responses from nearly 100 students (high school and college) and here is what we learned. Savvy Shoppers It's no surprise that students have limited budgets. With a tough economy, they are finding they are more strapped for cash now than ever and are actively looking for ways to make and save money. While cutting coupons may be associated with an older demographic, right now, coupon clipping defies age, as 65% of students state they are looking for coupons on a regular basis. We asked respondents how much they agreed with several statements regarding coupons, and this was the response: 44% agreed they use coupons every time they shop online 46% agreed they use coupons every time they grocery shop Over 50% agreed that if they received a coupon through a text message, they would use it Brands issuing coupons to drive purchase of new products are in luck, and will benefit greatly from consumer loyalists, as 75% of respondents agree that if a brand they already use comes out with a new line, they would give it a try if they were given a coupon. Sign Me Up! When you hear the word 'sweepstakes'?, you automatically think 'fun,'? and 'excitement,'? but most of all, 'PRIZES!'? Sweepstakes are a relevant and great way to get students aware of your brand, as 80% say they participate in them. But, there are some rules. In order to grab their attention and incent them to sign up, prizes have to be relevant and the process should be simple. We asked respondents the following question: How do you feel about sweepstakes and contests? 50% stated they think they are really fun 59% stated they will only participate if the prize really grabs their attention 59% stated they will participate if it's really easy to sign up for By nature, technology is an inherent part of students' lives, so it is no surprise that entering sweepstakes and contests via online are more favored than in-store sign-ups: 55% stated they like to enter online for sweepstakes and contests 26% stated they like to enter in-store for sweepstakes and contests We survey our Pulse Network every month. If you have some questions, let us know and we will try to help you find the answers ' email thefreq@ampagency.com.

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