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August 19, 2016

'A Different Way of Storytelling': How the Washington Post Shifts to Video


Video is where the money is for publishers – or at least, they hope so. The Washington Post has 40 people on the video team and has nearly tripled the amount of videos it publishes per day compared to last year. Digiday speaks to Micah Gelman, Director of Editorial Video for the Washington Post, to discuss why video is difficult for traditional publishers — and why it’s got such potential.

Where we go, they go.

August 18, 2016

50% of Millennials Read BuzzFeed – Why Marketers Should Care


You already knew BuzzFeed’s audience is massive (to the tune of 200 million uniques per month), but more interesting to brands and content marketers is how they dominate among millennials. Half of all millennials in the US read BuzzFeed. Half.

In the words of Buzzfeed, “5 ridiculously cool facts about branded content”.

August 8, 2016

Virtual Reality is Becoming the Next Great Storytelling Canvas


Brands, publishers and content creators are now faced with the inevitable truth that engaging audiences predictably in this fractured media environment has been permanently altered. It's time now to reset and reimagine the future of storytelling through mobile experiences that are emotionally immersive, culturally aware and embrace a renewed spirit of creative invention and curiosity. In virtual reality we may have already found just that - enabling an entirely new interpretation and expression of the brand experience.

Brilliance can emerge.

August 5, 2016

Nike and Others Dive Into Instagram Stories: Why Marketers Already Like It Better Than Snapchat


Instagram's new Stories feature, ripped right from the Snapchat experience, already is a brand favorite. That's partly because Instagram is more welcoming to brands, and partly because it's just bigger. Nike, for example, generated 800,000 views in 24 hours for an Instagram Story that it posted on Tuesday, the first day the feature was available. On Snapchat, Nike's best video got 66,000 views.

Size does matter.

August 4, 2016

Why Your Texts Sound Angry When You Add a Period


When it comes to texting, the period, full stop, point — whatever you call it — has been getting a lot of attention. People have begun noticing slight changes to the way our smallest punctuation mark is deployed, from declarations that it’s going out of style to claims that it’s becoming angry. What they’re actually noticing is written language becoming more flexible. 

Read between the periods.

August 4, 2016

Journalists Still Trust Traditional Media Over Social

newsroom-2016080207280861-2.jpgTraditional media still holds an edge over social media as the most trusted media channel, according to Ogilvy’s annual media survey. When it comes to buying a product, 37% said traditional earned media is a leading channel for driving purchasing decisions. Social media is not far behind, with 28% saying it drives purchase decisions.

More places for a good story than ever.

August 3, 2016

Rainbow Bagels and Pizza Rat: Inside Play-Doh's Branded-Content Strategy


In a time when kids learn to swipe before they can walk, you’d be forgiven for thinking squishing Play-Doh is no longer a rite of passage. But the Hasbro brand has found a way to make itself relevant to both kids and their parents through an array of creative branded content. One way the brand has done this is by capitalizing on current events.

That rainbow bagel doh.

July 19, 2016

Timeline Gold: How Do Brands Use Social Data Creatively


In the age of ad blocking, brands are racing to create content that will get users opting in rather than out. Personalization is a crucial part of this and brands are mining users’ social feeds to create more meaningful, and tailored, campaigns. Here are five brands aiming to take user-generated content and spinning it into a brand experience. 

Get personal with me.

July 1, 2016

Why It's Time to Kill Advertising as We Know It and Start Building 'Storyworlds'


This is the most exciting time in history to be a storyteller. Anything we can dream up is now possible. We now have a gazillion screens to tell our stories on. Stories can be multi-screened and complexly told across a variety of technologies. Every brand is a storyteller, and every person who creates and executes ideas for the brand is a storyteller in turn. The world is, at this very moment, a storyteller's oyster.

Dream it up and someone can make it.

June 30, 2016

Write Better Ad Copy with This 1 Rule


One of the best, most succinct rules for writing ad copy that works is to “sell the sizzle, not the steak.” The heart of any successful direct mail campaign is the sales piece. That’s where it all starts. So, how do you create a sales piece that really sells?

It’s all about the benefits.