AMP Agency Unveils Innovative 'Branded Humans Network'?

BOSTON ' AMP Agency, a full-service experiential and digital marketing agency, announced today the debut of its innovative and cutting-edge 'Branded Humans Network'?, a nationwide collective of people willing to sell permanent advertising space on their bodies. While the concept of human branding via temporary tattoos has been used in the past by a variety of guerilla marketing campaigns, AMP is the first agency to utilize permanent tattoos as a way to drive down cost and drive up impressions, a win-win for prospective advertisers. AMP will be able to calculate an estimated impressions model based on a complex formula that takes into account each media asset's age, residence, employment, hobbies, skin health and other factors. For many nontraditional media sources, impressions in the millions are commonplace, but with the Branded Humans Network, it's not unusual for estimated impressions to reach the low billions for urban-dwelling media assets. Using each asset's estimated impressions, AMP then determines rates based on ad size and placement on body. Clients may qualify for a partial refund should an asset terminate prematurely. This new media solution is getting quite a bit of fanfare among brand managers who have already secured placement from AMP's pilot program. 'When you really think about it and measure the CPM head to head against other forms of nontraditional media, the BHN is in a totally different stratosphere,'? commented one satisfied advertiser. While some may find AMP's newest capability somewhat controversial, AMP Agency president Gary Colen is quick to point out the other side of the coin. 'What I am most proud of with this new service is not just the creative solutions that we're delivering our clients, but the opportunity to provide income opportunities to people during a very difficult economic time.'? For more information, please visit ampagency.com/brandedhumans.

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