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You Have Creative Control. Really.

If you haven't read the article from Newsweek on 'The Creativity Crisis,'? you should get on it. Go check it out. According to the article and the studies it references, the experts claim that creativity can be learned. So, if humans have the ability to learn to think abstractly, uniquely and creatively, why would they ever choose not to? If you're reading this piece, you're likely a marketer or have something to do with the marketing field. If you had the ability to better at your job, be known as an 'idea person'? and not regurgitate the same old ideas over and over again, doesn't that seem like an enviable proposition? Personally, I consider myself a fairly creative person and have always felt bad for those that dismiss themselves as 'I'm just not creative.'? Like the article states ' I think we all have the foundation to be creative, it's just a question of what you do to build that side of your brain and change your thinking to be more dynamic. To me, thinking is fun. Coming up with ideas is fun. Doing 'creative'? things is fun too. I strongly feel that those that dismiss themselves as 'not creative'? are really missing out on the energy and excitement that comes with having a fertile mind. So if you're one of those dismissers (<-- look, I just made up that word!), you should really give creative thinking a shot. It might take a little work, and it might not come overnight, but what does? Many of the tools and skills we need to be good at our jobs take years to develop ' and creativity is no different. You now have no excuse for a lack of ideas or new thinking. Seriously, have a go at it. I think you and your coworkers will all like the results.

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