AMP Agency's Blowfish for Hangovers Wins Bronze Hub Prize

The Hub Prize awarded AMP Agency Bronze for its Blowfish for Hangover's Intoxication Nation. The Hub Prize Competition honors excellence in brand experience. According to the judges, the program demonstrated an 'extremely smart use of social 'big data' to create a string of content, and genuinely interesting data visualizations.'?    To view a full list of winner, visit the site here.

AMP Agency & Blowfish For Hangovers: An OTC Brand Launch

Blowfish, the only hangover product with a formulation recognized as effective by the FDA, challenged us to help drive mass awareness of the product among 21 ' 29 year olds. Our insight: Hungover people like commiserating with other hungover people. They had a great time the night before and want to talk about the not-so-great time the morning after. Blowfish inserted themselves smack in the middle of the conversation around drinking and hangovers with the Intoxication Nation site.  The site explores  conversations around drinking and hangover themes, as well as examines chatter around specific drinking holidays and events'providing a snapshot for why, when and how much the country is drinking and hungover. The brand leveraged real-time conversations and data from the national survey to position Blowfish as the authority in drinking and hangovers, thereby building awareness with credibility to overcome high consumer skepticism around hangover products. In addition to housing dynamic visualizations of results from a national survey, the site's backend data infrastructure powers a real-time visualization of current conversations around hangovers and drinking in America. Utilizing a third-party, big data platform to enrich raw social data with audience demographics, the site provides insight into the geographical and behavioral demographics around drinking and hangover-related social chatter. The backend technology funnels demographically layered, real-time social data into a high availability big data cluster and indexing engine that feeds geographically bounded information into a series of  interactive maps and promotional units on the Blowfish for Hangovers website. The system is built to scale based on the knowledge that there will be spikes in the volume of raw data that will need to be streamed based on key events (Halloween, World Series, etc.) and general drinking and hangover trends. View the site below. Infographics that Appeared on Site Why It's Awesome:  We helped a new OTC drug  generate product awareness and drive sales via a timely, relevant and interactive website.

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