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Inside FT Labs, the Financial Times' Skunkworks

Like many publishers, The Financial Times used to treat its error page as an afterthought. Readers would land on when an article couldn’t be found. It was polite and had utilitarian value, but was drab and lacked personality. Last year, however, the British newspaper rolled out a new 404 page that espouses a clever list of economic theories why the page wasn’t found. The page is a result of a new unit: FT Labs. Labs is charged with tackling projects big and small that don’t fit into the normal development processes. A team for the big ideas.

  • November 10, 2016

And Then Advertising Got Weird: What is Oddvertising?

Just before the original dot-com bubble burst all over the economy, some marketers started pushing the edges of advertising. Most were startups and brands trying to grab attention with unconventional work, but what emerged was something even more unusual in tone. Eager to reach younger audiences with discretionary income, the ads became more risky and offbeat, as marketers grew fascinated with exploring how weird they can get before crossing a line. And more than a decade later, we’re still defining that line. Odd for odd's sake.

A Netflix Exec Explains the Simple But Painful Process That Allows the Company to Thrive

The biggest mistake most companies make when choosing a strategy is "listening to the Hippo — the Highest-Paid Person in the Organization," Neil Hunt, chief product officer of Netflix. At Netflix, data rules the company. Really committing to this idea means loads of A/B testing and a willingness to accept a high rate of failure. Data and vision equals transformation.

  • September 27, 2016

In Vogue. Innovation.

Historically, clients and agencies have both loved to celebrate the big idea. But, the size of the idea no longer needs to be big. And, increasingly, ideas don’t necessarily have to come from the agency. As client-side brand and marketing teams evolve and the things consumers need and value change, agencies have to change as we grow, increasingly identifying how they turn great ideas into amazing products, services and experiences that people love. Moving away from the 'Big Idea' and into innovation

Contagious Pioneers: The Work

Contagious’ editorial team walks through some of their favorite work and the insights that made creative so downright smart. Why My Dog started selling premium dog food in airports

A revival of old-fashioned values has begun and brands need ideals, not just ideas

Brands should build relationships based on their values, not their communications. Oglivy & Mather argues that heightened geopolitical uncertainty has triggered a resurgence of old fashioned values. These crises force us to stop and think – what do I value?  Brands need to provide more than ideas

  • December 15, 2015

NHS partners with Tinder for organ donor campaign

An interesting campaign in Britain uses Tinder for a greater social good. The National Health Service partners with the platform to increase the number of young people registered as organ donors in Britain. Changing Behavior Through Tinder  

  • December 14, 2015

How Scarcity Improves Creativity

According to a new study, when we aren’t surrounded by ready-made solutions to our problems, we can easily come up with a solution on our own. People are the most creative when they need to make the most of a situation under scarce resources. So, when a creative professional is given a brief with tight constraints they will actually do better than if “anything” is allowed. Read more about the science behind this theory.

Share A Coke Is Back For The Holidays, With New Social Effort

Coca-Cola is rolling out a seasonal iteration of its best campaign; one that asks a recipient to do something not just have a feeling or thought. For a limited time, names and sayings including "Santa,” “Secret Santa," "Someone Nice," "Someone Naughty," "Under the Mistletoe" and "Elves" will be featured on glass and PET bottles and cans and multi-packs. Share a Coke as consumer behavior

  • November 24, 2015

Google’s Going to Make Downloading Apps an Afterthought

Google has been indexing app information for about two years and is using the data to begin experimenting with app streaming, a new search solution that surfaces relevant content from within apps in mobile search results and allows users to interact with and use the app without installing it. Although still in its infancy, the advancement could have a significant impact on the relationship between mobile and apps in the near future. Read more here.

  • November 19, 2015

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