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AMP Agency Names Michael Mish To President

AMP Agency, a division of Advantage Solutions, has named Michael Mish president. Mish, who joined AMP Agency in 2012, most recently served as SVP, general manager and previously as SVP of business development. As president, Mish is responsible for agency operations, strategy and growth, including strategic acquisitions. Under Mish’s leadership, the agency has experienced consistent year-over-year growth on a national and now global scale. “AMP’s growth is in large part attributable to Michael’s focus on shifting to strategic relationships and evolving AMP’s capabilities to meet the changing needs of clients,” said AMP Agency Founder Gary Colen. “Michael has specifically focused on the demand for top-tier, growth-focused digital media services, experience design, dynamic creative, data science and advanced analytics.” Mish serves on Advantage's DE&I board, which is supporting a multiyear diversity, equity and inclusion strategy that includes the establishment of employee resource groups, training programs, talent benchmarks and policy recommendations. Working with other senior executive leaders, Mish is focused on developing a positive culture and recruiting diverse talent to the company. “Improving DE&I within the marketing and advertising industry is nothing new,” Mish said. “As a Hispanic leader from humble beginnings, I recognize the need to create opportunities within and outside of our agency. “I want to be part of the change in the industry. At AMP, our core values are Openness, Empathy and Growth. Our leadership team is focused on developing an inclusive culture and recruiting multicultural talent. Not only is it the right thing to do, but diversity of thought and experience will drive breakthrough work for our clients, increase innovation and accelerate our momentum.” Last year, AMP established a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee and developed a pro-bono program, setting a goal of dedicating up to 10% of annual billable hours to support organizations led or owned by Black, Latinx, LGBTQIA+ people or people impacted by disabilities. “We decided our role in solving inequalities is to focus our intellectual capital on growing businesses that support these communities,” Mish said. “When Michael joined AMP, he immediately drove value for the agency and our clients and has always stood out as an innovative and strategic leader,” Colen said. “The larger vision for the agency has consistently been at the forefront of his contributions. I’ve always looked to Michael for opportunities to lead and guide the agency, given his proven marketing genius and passion for growing our clients’ brands with breakthrough work and for growing our people. In his new role as president, I know he will combine these areas of focus to continue to elevate our agency and our people for our clients.” Mish has had an amazing journey here at AMP! View this video to learn more: Congratulations, Mish! READ THE NEWS: https://www.adweek.com/agencyspy/amp-agency-elevates-michael-mish-to-president/173862/ https://www.lbbonline.com/news/amp-agency-names-michael-mish-as-president

Creating a Connected Data Ecosystem

The number of marketing technology tools is rising at a staggering rate, having nearly doubled YOY in 2016. On average, 51% of organizations use 21 or more digital marketing solutions. While having the ability to access all this new information provides unprecedented insight, it frequently results in an overload of data siloed in disparate systems. Marketers are buried under a landslide of fragmented campaign metrics, products, customers, purchases, and more. And there’s seemingly no end in sight; Gartner reports that 50-65% of marketing executives plan to spend more on marketing technology in the coming year. To make meaningful use of all this data, metrics need to be reviewed cohesively. Without a full holistic view, it’s impossible to get a complete understanding of the real story. Only analyze existing customer behavior and you may miss out on opportunities to attract new audiences. Only review site traffic from media placements, and you lack an understanding of why your customers are loyal to your brand, or how to create more of them. The problem is that most marketing teams don’t operate with systems that talk to each other. They end up trying to manually analyze disparate data points to uncover insights, a practice that is neither scalable nor responsive in real-time. This data fragmentation is costing marketers real dollars as they lose the ability to effectively optimize campaigns and fold learnings into future plans. An example of how some marketing departments utilize data today: The solution begins with creating a connected data ecosystem. The concept is simple—collect all data points into a centralized system able to analyze them en masse and surface actionable insights in real-time. Using those insights, marketers can then start to roll out personalized content, translate strategies across all channels, and efficiently improve customers’ experiences. While the initial creation of the connected data ecosystem can be time-consuming, it pays off. One example: Annuitas Group reports that businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects report a 451% increase in qualified leads. Based on our experience with building ecosystems for clients, we have created a four-step process that we follow: Discovery: we assess all the various systems that are collecting data around your organization. We also identify areas where the data returned may be less than perfect in quality–a very common occurrence. During this period we also outline the shared objectives and definitions of success across all the stakeholders. Solution design: using our learnings from the Discovery period, we design a customized solution that aligns to your business objectives. We build a roadmap using multiple analytic approaches across our four service categories: Performance analytics, marketing sciences, research, and business intelligence. Analyze: This is where the magic happens. Now that we’ve designed your ideal system, we begin to collect the data and review the outputs using our team of data analysts, statisticians, and social scientists to uncover those insights that will truly give your business the competitive edge. Insights: This is when our team works with marketers and other members of your organization to communicate our findings and share recommended actions to meet your KPIs. Once the initial foundation is built, this process can be repeated multiple times over the course of the year, ensuring your teams are always up to date on the latest findings and fully able to use fresh data to inform future plans. The creation of a connected data ecosystem takes some effort but pays off almost immediately by making teams run more efficiently with a full understanding of the current state of their business and what levers they have to achieve their goals.

AMP Agency and Lotame DMP Partner to Increase Engagement by 250%

https://youtu.be/_BKhs9RyBIM AMP Agency leverages Lotame's Data Exchange and DMP to power MomentAware (a proprietary in-moment marketing solution that delivers the industry's most detailed audience segments) to increase engagement by 250% and decrease data cost by 83% for a leading Pet Care Brand. OBJECTIVE: AMP Agency wanted to support a major Pet Care Brand with advanced audience targeting in order to find a niche group of pet owners most likely to respond and engage with their marketing and recruitment efforts. To do this, they relied on MomentAware, AMP's proprietary solution backed by Lotame's Data Management Platform, which marries AMP's rich demographic, psychographic, CRM and location data with a massive network of device signals (~150 MM unique mobile devices monthly). STRATEGY: Using MomentAware and Lotame's Data Management Platform in tandem, AMP's data points provide valuable insights into consumers' pet ownership and preferences ( Dog/ Golden Retriever, Cat/ Persian), the pet owner's choice and location of grooming and veterinarian care, frequency of pet care, even the approximate location and times pet owners walk and exercise with their pets. AMP was able to enhance their existing data with additional demographics, interest, and purchase behaviors from Lotame's Data Exchange to create a robust profile of the pet owner and ensure marketing messages were delivered when and where pet owners are most receptive to messaging and offers. RESULTS: By employing MomentAware, consumer engagement, as measured by click-through rate, increased by 250%, showcasing the advanced relevancy in regards to targeting. Thousands of new pet owners were identified that weren't included in standard third party audience segments and the advanced device graph opened up an opportunity to message consumers across devises, in the moments when they're most likely to engage. In addition, AMP Agency was able to generate data costs savings of 83% for this Pet Care Brand. Want similar results? Get in touch- info@ampagency.com _________________________________________________________________________ About AMP Agency: AMP Agency is a full service marketing agency with offices in Boston, New York City and Los Angeles At AMP, we believe in better ideas created a different way. It's in our heritage. Through the years, we've morphed from a non-traditional marketing agency into a full-service shop. Today, we're a team of 200+ intellectually curious individuals who are eager to solve your business challenges. About Lotame: Lotame is a universal cross-device data management platform that is humanizing the consumer decision journey by empowering enterprises to deliver more relevant content, products, and services. Lotame unifies and enriches the world's data to create more meaningful relationships and increase commerce and brand loyalty.

How to Develop a Compelling Value Proposition

What's the first step in developing your go-to-market strategy? Determining your value proposition. Our biggest piece of advice is to take an "Outside In" vs. "Inside Out" approach. What's that mean? Always consider the customer benefit when developing the value proposition. Oftentimes, companies make the mistake of taking an insular or 'inside out'? approach as opposed to an unbiased 'outside in'? approach. When considering the value proposition, assess the attributes that make your product superior (inside out) but assign more clout to answering the perceived benefit and value to the customer (outside in). Pressure test your value proposition by vetting it with prospective customers, thereby ensuring the proposition aligns with what the end user values most. REAL-WORLD EXAMPLE How do you take an 'outside in' approach? Where do you start? Learn from one of our clients: Michael Sayles, V.P. of Sales at Ferrara Candy Company. Develop a compelling value proposition. In preparation for the launch of Rapid Acting Protein, we conducted secondary research to gain a more profound understanding of our consumers' needs and wants in addition to understanding the marketplace. By doing so, we identified a whitespace opportunity within the fitness food category and developed a compelling value proposition - a gummy product with 20 grams of Whey protein in a delicious new, fruity flavor. Make real-time adjustments by listening. When RAP hit the market, we used social listening to garner consumer feedback. The consumers dictated what made RAP unique, rather than the other way around. So, we made shifts in real-time to tailor messaging accordingly. For more insights into how to build an effective go-to-market strategy, download our NEW RULES FOR BRINGING YOUR PRODUCT TO MARKET whitepaper.

3 Reasons You Should Apply to the AMP Agency Insights Lab Incubator

The AMP Insights Lab Incubator is a fully-accredited, in-house course that places AMP's marketing experts into a professorial role ' taking Boston University students through a semester-long class exploring the intersection of creativity, strategy and technology through a mix of lectures, collaborative working sessions and creative problem solving. The 13-week course covers topics ranging from consumer segmenting and user-centric design to an ongoing exploration of trends and technology that are reshaping the marketing industry. Sounds awesome, right? Here are the 3 top reasons to apply to this amazing course. We keep it real. Quinn Rodriguez, a former Insights Lab student, said, 'My one word to describe this course so far is realistic. It's boosted my confidence as far as seeing where what I'm learning in class intersects with the real world and given me a really great idea of how many jobs and types of people are in the agency." Planning team talking strategy. It's experience-driven. The 3-hour class consists of an instructional and practical application components. For example, during the User Experience portion of the course, our Director of UX, shared the fundamentals of user experience and information architecture. Then, he challenged students to design user stories and wireframes for a current AMP client. The end result: students have a valuable piece of digital work to add to their portfolio. Additional portfolio pieces include: Brand Essence Description Critical Thinking Blog Posts/ Writing Samples Creative Brief Consumer Persona Development Paper Prototypes Integrated Marketing Proposal for Fortune 500 Marketer Brainstorm session. Connections. We're in the business of building relationships, and this course is no different. You meet, learn and network with your peers, AMP employees, brand marketers and the designated client. We attract some pretty legit clients too. Our client roster has included the following: 1st Semester: The City of Boston 2nd Semester: Students developed an integrated marketing strategy for SKYN and presented to SKYN's VP of Sales & Marketing, North America 3rd Semester: Students will present an integrated marketing plan for UNO's Pizzeria and Grill, presenting to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Client Kickoff: SKYN client briefing the teams. Sound like the best class ever? To join, apply here by November 19, 2015.

UNO's Pizzeria & Grill Selects AMP Agency as Advertising Agency of Record

AMP Agency to Lead Integrated Marketing for Beloved Deep Dish Pizza Maker BOSTON, MA (October 15, 2014)' UNO's Pizzeria & Grill, one of America's leading casual dining restaurants, has selected AMP Agency, an integrated marketing agency, as its Agency of Record. UNO's Pizzeria & Grill selected AMP as the Agency of Record following a competitive review based on its creativity, strategic thinking, affinity for providing local insights and new media expertise. 'It's near impossible to find an agency partner who provides strategic thinking to help grow the business, who generates breakthrough creative ideas and who executes flawlessly across all channels,'? said Dee Hadley, Chief Marketing Officer, UNO's Pizzeria & Grill. 'I am thrilled to say the search is over, and we are excited to move forward with this partnership with AMP Agency and grow our business.'? AMP's team will be responsible for providing brand strategy, creative and integrated media across paid, owned and earned channels. "We could not be happier to have the opportunity to work with an organization that marries its inspiring heritage with transformative creative ideas,'? said, Gary Colen, AMP Agency. 'We look forward to working with the team at UNO to 'redefine a night out.''? For more information about AMP, including a creative portfolio and client roster, please visit ampagency.com, become a fan on Facebook, or follow @AMP_Agency on Twitter. ### About UNO's Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Uno Restaurant Holdings Corporation includes 136 company-owned and franchised restaurants located in 24 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Honduras, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Famous for inventing the Deep Dish Pizza in 1943, UNO's mission is to deliver big, bold flavors, rich, rewarding experiences and unbelievably delicious pizza and other craveable menu creations you won't find anywhere else. The Company also operates fast casual concepts Uno Dué Go and UNO fresco, a quick service concept called Uno Express, and Uno Foods, a consumer packaged foods business which supplies airlines, movie theaters, hotels, airports, travel plazas, schools and supermarkets with both frozen and refrigerated private-label foods and UNO branded products. For more information, visit www.unos.com About AMP Agency AMP Agency is an integrated marketing agency with offices in Boston and New York City. We combine strategic planning, compelling creative, innovative execution and measurable results to help our clients achieve business success. Our goal is to help our clients gain clarity on human behavior, the evolution of media and opportunities for business growth. We are proud to work with a diverse portfolio of clients, including Hasbro, Destination Maternity, Ferrara Candy Company, Maybelline New York and Princess Cruises.

AMP Agency Creates the Bad Martha Beer Brand

Imagine a craft beer that evokes the feeling of Martha's Vineyard'the perfect summer spot to release your inhibitions and enjoy the local island culture. Jonathan Blum, a longtime seasonal resident of Martha's Vineyard, had this dream for almost 20 years and recently made it a reality with the help of AMP Agency. Launching Memorial Day, Bad Martha faced the challenge of entering an already crowded marketplace. As such, they needed a solid brand identity, positioning, online presence and a great tasting product to drive awareness and sales. Leveraging the insight that craft beer fans and advocates are excessively passionate about beer and need to see the details and understand the vision that makes the Bad Martha Beer brand unique, AMP Agency helped craft the brand lore. To properly communicate the interesting story to craft beer enthusiasts, AMP created a highly visual, dynamic website. Built with Javascript engines and CSS3, the website showcases the Bad Martha story right on the home page using scroll aware animations and parallax effects. We then took the experience a step further by making it responsive, so users can enjoy the Bad Martha story on any device. In addition to telling the brand's interesting story and raising awareness around the charity component (first 10% of profit), the site also houses an e-commerce section with a variety of branded merchandise available for sale. Why it's Awesome: The parallax designed, responsive website brings the legend of Bad Martha to life for consumers. Visit the website at www.badmarthabeer.com.

AMP Agency & Blowfish For Hangovers: An OTC Brand Launch

Blowfish, the only hangover product with a formulation recognized as effective by the FDA, challenged us to help drive mass awareness of the product among 21 ' 29 year olds. Our insight: Hungover people like commiserating with other hungover people. They had a great time the night before and want to talk about the not-so-great time the morning after. Blowfish inserted themselves smack in the middle of the conversation around drinking and hangovers with the Intoxication Nation site. The site explores conversations around drinking and hangover themes, as well as examines chatter around specific drinking holidays and events'providing a snapshot for why, when and how much the country is drinking and hungover. The brand leveraged real-time conversations and data from the national survey to position Blowfish as the authority in drinking and hangovers, thereby building awareness with credibility to overcome high consumer skepticism around hangover products. In addition to housing dynamic visualizations of results from a national survey, the site's backend data infrastructure powers a real-time visualization of current conversations around hangovers and drinking in America. Utilizing a third-party, big data platform to enrich raw social data with audience demographics, the site provides insight into the geographical and behavioral demographics around drinking and hangover-related social chatter. The backend technology funnels demographically layered, real-time social data into a high availability big data cluster and indexing engine that feeds geographically bounded information into a series of interactive maps and promotional units on the Blowfish for Hangovers website. The system is built to scale based on the knowledge that there will be spikes in the volume of raw data that will need to be streamed based on key events (Halloween, World Series, etc.) and general drinking and hangover trends. View the site below. Infographics that Appeared on Site Why It's Awesome: We helped a new OTC drug generate product awareness and drive sales via a timely, relevant and interactive website.

AMP Agency Launches Samsonite College

How do you make college students aware of all the products offered by Samsonite? Make it relevant to their lifestyles. Samsonite is 'for everyday and someday.'? The brand offers products for everyday needs like walking to class and hitting the gym as well as the someday needs like studying abroad. We created the brand's first college-targeted microsite to deliver the 'for everyday and someday'? messaging. The microsite focused on lifestyle imagery to help students visualize how Samsonite provides options for every step in their college career. The layout encourages exploration, with expanding tiles that provide additional product information as you navigate the site. Product filters enable the student to shop by lifestyle type, including Career Path, Everyday Campus, Road Trip and World Traveler. Once a student is ready to buy, they are redirected to shop.samsonite.com to finalize their purchase. The site also promotes the #LifePacked Sweepstakes, where students can win prizes by uploading photos of their packed life to Instagram using the hashtag #LifePacked and tagging @SamsoniteUS in the comment section. Why It's Awesome: The interactive site showcases Samsonite's understanding of college students' needs and offers various products to serve these versatile needs. Visit www.samsonitecollege.com.

AMP Dances for Cancer and Deborah Cohan

If you didn't know, AMP operates under inspiration. You can feel the energy of what inspires us throughout our hallways and even in our email signatures. And while some inspirations are personal, a woman named Deborah Cohan certainly moved us all. Deborah Cohan, an Ob/Gyn and mom of two, held a dance partywith her medical team in the operating room of Mt. Zion Hospital in San Francisco minutes before she went in for a double mastectomy. Her serious twerking ability cialis funny video g postmessage cialis subject forum buy cialis in canada nasacort aq cialis and gusto for life inspired us here at AMP to show her a few moves of our own and wish her a speedy recovery. Thanks, Deborah we hope you enjoy!

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