May 16, 2016

Hey Shopper Marketers... We Are Talking To You

“We are here to discuss the Shopper Marketing Challenge,” stated AMP Agency’s SVP of Advertising Technology, Chris Boucher. And discuss the Shopper Marketing Challenge, he did.

On May 10th, 2016, AMP Agency’s Shopper Digital Group, a member the Advantage Marketing Partners family focused on innovation in digital to drive shopper conversions and Ubimo, a platform designed to solve a brands’ ‘mobile advertising strategy’ hosted a break out session at the 2016 Mobile Marketing Leadership Forum.

The breakout session, “How Mobile and Local Data are Transforming Shopper Marketing,” focused on the disruptive impact of mobile on shopper marketing strategies. From real time campaign optimization for local audiences or outlet inventory, to actually measuring and attributing in-store sales data, foot traffic and national promotions, mobile has revolutionized digital shopper marketing.

Chris leaded with the statement that “Cookie based static audiences segments are irrelevant for Shopping Marketers.”


He went on to explain that by focusing less on cookies, and more on mobile first data, Shopper Marketers can capture personal moments and a deeper awareness of location and in-between moments (browsing without intent). Unlike cookies, mobile first data gives a holistic understanding of the shopper and their behaviors which benefits both the brand and retailer.

Mobile First Data

Gilad Amitai, COO and Co-Founder of Ubimo, supported the conversation by addressing the importance of reaching the right person (based on demographic data, historical location data, DMA affinity data and audience graph) at the perfect moment (the right time and place).


The core of the conversation aimed to address how brands can promote products in thousands of national outlets, while keeping messaging personal, local and relevant to individual consumers. The solution provided? Brands must break through the ‘battleground’, defined as the context around the store including real-world context, area culture, demographics and store affinity, and to reach the perfect person at the perfect moment.


But how can brands effectively do this?

AMP partners with Ubimo and their “Project X” product to allow shopper marketing companies to understand sales data for specific products in specific stores measured against Ubimo Metrics.

This near real-time sales data is then matched to mobile media spends supporting in-store efforts, which allows marketers to understand the result in individual product sales lift based on supporting marketing.

When this data is coupled with Ubimo’s proprietary location and user data, companies can extract powerful insights about the effectiveness of their advertising budget, while also building deeper audience segments for specific “battlegrounds” around core store locations.


This dynamic partnership may be just the solution you are looking for, shopper marketers. It’s a data driven world out there and AMP and Ubimo are on a mission to help you make sense of it. If you are interested in learning more about how to leverage these unique solutions, contact us today.


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