April 26, 2016

Facebook Isn’t the Social Network Anymore

With over 1.6 billion active users, people are still frequently using their Facebook accounts, but in a variety of new and different ways. Facebook users in 2016 are much less likely to use their account for “original sharing” about one’s personal life, and much more apt to use it for a range of functions from gathering news to gaming or even event planning. In response to changes in user behavior, Facebook as a platform has been quietly evolving into something different than a social network—something less personal, but no less useful. As a company Facebook has been furiously hedging its bets on the future of technology turning the site into more than a social networking site, but rather something that resembles a personalized portal to the online world. Alleged updates to a future version of Facebook’s mobile app provide insight into what the original social network has in store for the future.

Facebook, your personalized homepage to the Internet?

Topics: Social Media, User Experience, Innovation