April 12, 2016

Facebook Built a 360-Degree Video Camera. Oh, and the Design Is Yours for Free

True to the essence of their business model and following past successes with open source crowdsourcing for advancing technology and design products, Facebook has publicly released a 360-dgree camera made from off-the-shelf hardware. At the moment the Surround360 is a camera for professionals and serious hobbyists, but because the device is open source Facebook hopes that camera makers will grab bits and pieces from the company’s design in an effort to improve and streamline design for broader use. Although similar to competitor 360-degree cameras already in market, Facebook designed the hardware and the software in the Surround360 as a single system that performs a single task. The user can treat the camera just like a standard camera today: plug it in, record, and enjoy seamless video without extensive post-production.

Let the games begin.

Topics: Social Media, Crowdsourcing, Virtual Reality