February 17, 2016

Content is the New Cosmetics Counter

As the digital landscape continues to expand, beauty brands are taking over the role of publisher, and the most successful enjoy dedicated readership. In addition to leveraging bloggers and vloggers to produce relevant content, brands are using social platforms’ shoppable content and ad features. In 2015, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook made their sites and apps shoppable with the addition of buy buttons.

instagram shop now

Instagram: The place to be

From a paid ad perspective, Instagram’s ad design is dedicated to creating commercial content that blends in and doesn’t disrupt users’ existing photo feeds. New features take the same approach while making it easier for users to easily click to shop.

First, Instagram introduced carousel ads. Brands can post carousel image slideshows that end with a button for viewing additional content. Banana Republic used its link to take viewers to a product page. It was the first time a retailer was able to send consumers directly to the product they saw in an Instagram ad.

Then, the platform launched ads with “Shop Now” buttons, which enables consumers to click directly from Instagram to product page to shop. With this feature, the brand created a new API that enables brands to manage, track and measure marketing campaigns.shop Now Button

Pinterest: Where People are purchasing

Pinterest’s “Buy It” button is available for all posts from retailers. Users are able to search for products and filter the results based on price range and color.

The Buy It button delivers results. According to a Shopify study, the average price of purchase made through Pinterest is $50 – higher than any other major social platform.

Social channels, especially Pinterest and Instagram, are continuing to grow in their influence on beauty purchases. With new features, consumers expect to easily swipe or click to find inspiration and information—the fewer steps from social to a product page, the better. Platforms are seeing the rapidly increasing value of these buy now functions, and working to make them as accessible as possible.

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