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The Recipe for a Successful Team

The success of a team can be measurable by many different components: awards, revenue, cliental, etc. No matter how the success is measured there are two qualities that can make or break a team: Communication Work ethic These qualities go hand-in-hand in the media industry because they have a direct correlation and impact on client service. In a fast paced industry, like digital marketing, the service a team provides is instrumental to client satisfaction. After all who wants to work with a team that doesn’t give you a good experience? No matter what side of the equation you are on, people like working with people who care. Communication Having solid communication within a team is harder than it looks; it takes time and effort to find a system that works and there is never a one-size fits all practice. While there will always be kinks along the way, the most important factor is that the process keeps evolving. The following practices can ensure a team does not get stagnant in their communication. While it is easy to get tunnel vision, knowledge sharing with team members can be very helpful. Sharing tips, strategies and pain points allows team members to learn from one another’s experiences and ensures that execution is not occurring in a vacuum, which can lead to inconsistent delivery and a higher frequency of errors Don’t be afraid to try new systems of communication- but don’t dwell on it if it isn’t working. Listen to feedback and evaluate if it’s adding to the team’s efficiency. Sometimes it’s best to forgo email and simply pick up the phone. What you are trying to say can often get lost in translation online. Talking with the person directly allows you to get to the point and collaborate. Work Ethic While improving communication is a team effort, work ethic really stems from each individual; it’s every team member’s job to bring a strong work ethic with them to the office. Hard work pays off, and not just with the end result. It helps mold the experiences you are providing internally and externally. The following tips can encourage strong work ethic in the workplace: Set the standard for what is expected at the beginning of a project so team members can be held accountable. Setting a clear end-result leads to a better understanding of the work that needs to be accomplished. Applauding members when quality work is completed is a good way to show that hard work doesn’t go unrewarded. Giving recognition to those who deserve it will also give others incentive to produce work that receives acknowledgement. Setting broader team goals can allow team members to understand the meaning of their contributions. Having status updates can show and measure how everyone is doing their part to meet the goal. And there it is - our simple, low calorie, recipe for a successful team. Interested in becoming a member of one of our teams? Click here to learn more.

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