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Linda Lydon

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Driving Retail Sales through Display Media

Planning and managing a campaign with retail sales goals is the Holy Grail for a media planner. It provides a measurable objective that comes with the high of knowing actual sales are the result of your media campaign. Providing data driven junkies with that kind of power is exhilarating and having clients see a measurable return on ad spend can make them giddy. But, what media strategy will help you sell a trillion dollars worth of your client's product? Here are just a few things to consider in order drive sales on- and off-line: To help you and your potential partners gain insights about who is taking what action on the site, tag your client's site pre-campaign launch with pixels (a small piece of code placed on a website to track conversions). Yes, your client may have this data, so it might not change your strategy in reaching the target audience. However, it may provide you & your partners with nuances about the target audience that were not previously considered. In addition, once your campaign is in market, these same tags will help you optimize your campaign and deliver results. Don't count out digital advertising when trying to affect brick & mortar sales. There are many partners out there who layer on purchase behavior, hyper geo-targeting around store locations and psychographics to influence a sale. These partners can provide extremely granular data to help target a very specific audience. For instance, if your client has a specific audience such as mothers with an annual income of $100K who live on the East Coast, these media partners can help deliver targeted messaging to this group of women. Obviously, there are a million targeting options to reach your desired consumer. When the objective is to drive sales, testing different media partners, tactics and devices at the campaign launch will help you understand what really works, so you can then optimize to the best performing sites & placements. So, cast a wide net! These considerations can be used whether your budget is the size of Coca-Cola's or something much more modest. So, get working on driving that trillion dollar sale!

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