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AMP Agency Nominated For 4 MITX Awards

BOSTON, MA -- AMP Agency today announced it has been selected as a finalist in four categories for the 19th Annual MITX Awards: Category: Financial Services & Insurance Marketing Client: John Hancock #WeRunTogether Category: Best Use of Social Client: John Hancock #WeRunTogether  Category: Best Performance Marketing Campaign Client: Boden  Category: Best Digitally-Powered Experiential Marketing Client: Icelandair Held annually by the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange, the awards recognize excellence in concepts and creations in marketing and technology produced or developed in New England.  Since 1996 the MITX Awards have grown to become the largest and most prestigious awards competition in the country showcasing the best creative marketing and technological accomplishments emerging from New England. This year over 120 senior leaders from Boston businesses judged entries for the 32 MITX award categories. 'Innovation is thriving in Boston and all around New England, companies are creating products and services that have a positive impact for us personally and professionally,'? said MITX President Amy Quigley. 'Our 2015 finalists are powering innovative ideas and contributions in marketing, technology and design. We are thrilled to honor their amazing achievements.'? AMP Agency  will be recognized with the other finalists at the 19th Annual MITX Awards Ceremony traditionally attended by over 1,000 of the region's top marketing, technology and design professionals. Winners will be announced at the ceremony on May 14th at the Marriott Copley Place. This year's ceremony will include host, Boston legend and comedic superstar Lenny Clarke, technology demos from finalists, select final round judging, networking, and of course, the presentation of the prestigious MITX Awards. Tickets can be purchased at www.mitxawards.org.        

Inspired by the Ad Club's Women's Leadership Forum

Source: The Ad Club Last Monday, a few AMPers had the pleasure of attending the Ad Club's Women's Leadership Forum. We heard from inspiring women who shared their unique personal stories. Read what inspired us most.  Takeaway #1 - Push the status quo. "Just because a process or solution is not broken does not mean it should not be fixed.  Constantly look at processes that are working and think about innovative ways to make them better. Don't let the immediate issues get all of your attention!  Have conversations with people outside of your discipline. Often this space is where the best ideas are formed.  Go from the gut ' instead of the head. And, nurture the places that feel natural to grow into.  If we stay in one lane, in neutral, we are never going to have enough momentum to climb the hill when it appears." - Katelyn Nadeau , Director, Shopper Marketing     Takeaway #2 - Anything is possible. "My biggest takeaway was that anything is possible. You can change directions and if you have the courage, you will still come up successful." - Meredith Rice, Director, Integrated Marketing Group     Takeaway #3 - No experience is wasted.  "A common theme among most of the speakers was that past experience, no matter how unrelated it seems to what you are currently doing, is extremely valuable. Previous careers can inform and strengthen your perspective in a new role. Innovation and a strategic mindset definitely comes from forward thinking individuals, but it also requires wisdom and deep understanding of what you have learned in the past."  - Magda Losonczy, Account Director Takeaway #4 - Don't wait for it.  "Don't wait to be asked to lead nine times ' go for it after the first." - Sarah Wickman, Account Supervisor       What are the most inspirational speeches, quotes or stories you've heard? Share them with us by leaving a comment below.

Dear Marketers, Snowstorms are the New Super Bowl

Dear Fellow Marketers, We've made a dire mistake. We've missed a HUGE opportunity this Winter season. With a near record-breaking snowfall in Boston, unprecedented snow, ice and bone-chilling temperatures across the USA (40% of the country experienced Winter Storm advisories at various points throughout February), we've felt the pain. But, we also realized that with the pain, there could be gain for us. What is this golden opportunity you ask? The snow. Yes, really. When the snow falls, consumers are held captive. Literally, bringing new meaning to the idea of a captive audience. Think about the characteristics surrounding the Holy Grail of Marketing - the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl serves as our end-all-be-all due to the reach, the engaged audience, the media frenzy surrounding the event and the multi-screen engagement. A snowstorm is no different. It's possibly better given we can address people's emotional and functional needs and communicate to an audience in an uninterrupted environment. A captive audience for the 48-hour snowstorm trumps the Super Bowl's short, four hour window.As data-driven strategists, we have the quantitative facts from our snowstorm survey to support this theory. Snowstorm ? Super Bowl Similar to the Super Bowl, snowstorms are a three-part event - before, during and after-with differing emotions and needs tied to each phase of the experience. Given the shared characteristics, we can take a cue from the Super Bowl strategies. Here are the audibles to your marketing mix that you should be aware of: Make Every Minute Count: Prepping for the Event Go Big or Go Home: Leveraging Intent Prep for the Next Season: Leverage Seasonality to Drive Messaging Make Every Minute Count: Prepping for the Big Event Taking a page from the Super Bowl marketing playbook, let's make every minute count. While game time may be the main event, we know the pre-game buzz before the first kick-off is an impactful way to stretch out the significant marketing investment. Leading up to the snowstorms, people are extraordinarily focused on the forecast and the impact on their lives. According to AMP's Snowstorm Survey, 73% of people described themselves as concerned, and 61% of people felt 'annoyed', 'anxious', 'nervous' or 'stressed' before the storm. This anxiety-ridden state translated into frequenting local TV stations (71%) and weather apps (55%) for storm-related information. Snow equates to obvious marketing opportunities for these weather-based media outlets. The Weather Channel reached an average of 292,000 people this February, the channel's strongest performance since 2011. But, my esteemed colleagues, you should not be envious of these companies' fortune because you too can get in the game. Snow does not just mean constant checking of the weather forecast, it means shopping with urgency. 94% of people shop in preparation for the storm. Source: AMP Agency 2015 Snowstorm Study What Does This Mean For You? You know where, what and how people are shopping during the prep period. Consider delivering snowstorm preparatory messaging via targeted digital marketing efforts to drive traffic in-store. Remember, 94% of people shop in preparation for the storm. You can extend the tailored messaging in-store by offering special Snow Survival Kits at grocery stores and mass retailers, the top two places where consumers are shopping prior to the storm. Lastly, consider partnerships with utilitarian services like Uber, Peapod and Drizly in an effort to help alleviate consumers' stress around the storm. Drizly, an on-demand app for alcohol deliveries, reported that the Monday leading up to snowstorm Juno orders in NYC and Boston were up 477%. Go Big or Go Home: Leverage Intent The actual snow days offer a unique opportunity to think bigger than just storm needs. Certainly brands that offer functional products and services can capitalize on the snowstorm like Subaru surprising non-Subaru owners with free snow shovels that said "while waiting for your all-wheel drive." This promotion was a sound way to align a product benefit with a functional need given that 59% of adults spending time outside during a storm are most often shoveling or blowing snow. But if your brand is not directly related to enabling winter survival, you can still take advantage of the captive audience and seasonality through smart targeting and relevant creative messaging. 89% of people spend their time at home during the storm. Our research shed some light on how they're spending that unadulterated time: Source: AMP Agency 2015 Snowstorm Survey What Does This Mean For You? From day dreaming about warm vacations to researching ways to stay entertained, consider what the storm means to your audience? Leverage their behavioral intent to drive to content hubs that deliver on the need. For example, if people are searching for winter storm recipes, Campbell's Soup could develop and drive to a content hub that aggregates various classic winter recipes with a product tie-in. Prep for the Next Season: Leverage Seasonality to Drive Messaging In the case of snowstorms, it's the opposite of the calm before the storm. It's calm after the storm. 48% of people feel happy, relaxed, calm, or peaceful. It's the perfect time to usher in the uplifting messaging. Promote doomsday messaging pre-storm, then click reset and tap into consumers' rejuvenated state by sending inspiring messages their way (post-storm). Source: AMP Agency 2015 Snowstorm Study What Does This Mean For You? To continue your winning streak, leverage hyper-targeted, digital media tactics to deliver an uplifting, Spring-inspired message to those elated snowstorm survivors. The Snowstorm Playbook: Key Takeaways  If you remember anything from this heart-felted, long-winded letter, it's that consumers are checking their February forecast and you should too. These is a new marketing opportunity in February that has the potential to deliver a greater ROI than that $4.5 MM, 30-second Super Bowl Spot. It's snowstorms. Snowstorms really are the perfect marketing opportunity. We can reach a captive, engaged audience with a tailored message, at the right time, and in the right place. In short, don't be like Pete Carroll, make the right call. About the AMP Agency Snowstorm Study: AMP Agency, a full-service marketing agency, develops custom research to study and understand consumer behaviors and attitudes not currently represented with available syndicated sources. In February 2015, AMP Agency conducted a national survey of 492 adults who had experienced a snowstorm. The margin of error was +/- 4.42%. For more information on how custom market research can benefit your business, contact us. 

AMP's Rich Grogan Shares Perspective on the Role of Big Data in An Agency

AMP's Vice President of Measurement and Analytics shares his insight on the evolving role of Big Data in marketing for a recent article published on Marketing ID.  On the role of big data in an agency setting, Grogan said, "We're now able to see, through Big Data analysis, more than a client's brand investments. This can help decide where investments need to be made to make an ultimate impact.'? Read the full article here.

AMP's Work for John Hancock Featured in MarketingSherpa Case Study

SUMMARY: After the bombing of the 2013 Boston Marathon, 30-year sponsor John Hancock knew that the 2014 race would be especially significant. To reflect that, the company designed a campaign that focused on connecting those involved and featuring their unique stories. See how they were able to draw 33,000 entries into their #WeRunTogether picture and story mosaic that celebrated the strength of the 2014 Boston Marathon. Read the full case study here.

Ghosts, Goblins, and Data? This Halloween, AMP & Predictify.me made 'BIG DATA'? Less Scary  

As a kid dressed as the latest Disney character costume or in classic scary attire, you knew which houses had the best candy and which houses were not worth lugging your pillow case down the driveway. In a way, it was your own scientific approach to Trick or Treating. But, imagine if there was a more scientific, proven method to finding the best candy and getting more of it. This Halloween, one trick-or-treater asked that exact question. His data scientist dad, Zeeshan-ul-hassan Usmani, Founder and CTO of predictify.me, with the help of AMP Agency, uncovered the answer. The mad Data Scientist approach consisted of the following steps: Collecting Data Candy Data Candy is small pieces of information that could be readily collected by kids while trick-or-treating their way through the neighborhood. Usmani's son wrote down the number and brand of candy that he got from each house during his three hour candy collecting spree. Data Candy Reporting & Analysis With the candy collected, it was time to sort the types of candy and input the information into a data scientists' most powerful tool ' a database in R.  In order to provide a more thorough analysis, we leveraged publicly available data sets including: Exact house addresses from Google Maps The worth of the house and monthly rent estimates from Zillow Names of the houses' residents, gender, age, political affiliation from public voters' database From which retailer the candy was purchased ' determined by geo-location information and an assessment of the retailers' online inventory What Did We Find? There is an optimal route for trick-or-treating. Out of 117 houses surveyed, 32 houses (27%) did not participate in Halloween. Usmani's son now has the data to lead his friends on the optimal trick-or-treating route in 2015. Lollipops, Twizzlers, Snickers and M&M's won Halloween. The top choice for Halloween treats among the surveyed group was lollipops (making up to 12.3% of all the treats), followed by Twizzlers, Snickers, M&M, Twix, Milky Way, Dove, Kit Kat, Whoppers and Tootsie Roll (with only 3.4%). Pay careful attention to who is giving you the candy. If the household consists of a woman between 41-to-50 years old and a man between 51-to-60 years old, there is 100% chance that you will get a treat. It dramatically reduces down to 25% if the woman is 51 years+ and the man is 60 years+. Similarly, if either of the household residents is 71 years+, you are less likely to get any treats.   Candy preference indicates political affiliation. This chart shows the preference of candy with the respective announced political affiliation of the people in the respective households. Blue represents that at least one resident in the house is Democrat (the other may or may not be UNA). Red represents that at least one resident is a Republican (again, the other may or may not be UNA). Lollipops and Kit Kats are highly associated with Democrats while Snickers and Butterfingers are associated with Republicans.   What does this mean for brands? Halloween is no joke. According to National Retail Federation,  Halloween is the second largest retail holiday behind Christmas: Americans spend $6.9 Billion on Halloween each year Americans spend $1.96 Billion on decorations Americans spend $2.6 Billion on costumes Americans spend $12.6 Billion per dollar per year on chocolate For brands, this type of treat-or-treat predictive analysis could help inform a more efficient, effective media spend during the holiday in addition a compelling Halloween messaging strategy for 2015. Interested in learning more about predictify.me and AMP's predictive analytics capabilities? Contact us or predicitify.me here. ### ABOUT PREDICTIFY.ME If the next five years looked like the last five, decisions would be easy.  But that's neither real nor accurate.  Predictify.me's proprietary HourGlass engine mashes massive amounts of data into a fully interactive simulation environment that allows you to test drive the future, with confidence

AMP Agency Named Finalist for 4 Media Maven Awards

AMP Agency is thrilled to be named a finalist for four Ad Club Media Maven Awards in the following categories: Best Use of Print - Boden  Best Use of Social Media - John Hancock  Best Use of Out of Home - Icelandair  Best Plan for Campaign Spending $1M or Less - John Hancock  According to the Ad Club, "Since its inception, the Annual Media Maven Awards has sought to honor and recognize those media plans and professionals that have the creativity and curiosity to rethink everything media within the New England marketing and advertising community. The awards represent the very best media campaigns, plans, and ideas, as well as the people, agencies, and brands responsible for bringing them to life. Voted on by some of the top marketing and media executives in the country, ranging from traditional to digital, multi-cultural to B2B, all-star to rising star, and exemplify the standards for creating, planning, and executing effective media initiatives." To view the full list of finalists, click here.

UNO's Pizzeria & Grill Selects AMP Agency as Advertising Agency of Record

AMP Agency to Lead Integrated Marketing for Beloved Deep Dish Pizza Maker BOSTON, MA (October 15, 2014)' UNO's Pizzeria & Grill, one of America's leading casual dining restaurants, has selected AMP Agency, an integrated marketing agency, as its Agency of Record. UNO's Pizzeria & Grill selected AMP as the Agency of Record following a competitive review based on its creativity, strategic thinking, affinity for providing local insights and new media expertise. 'It's near impossible to find an agency partner who provides strategic thinking to help grow the business, who generates breakthrough creative ideas and who executes flawlessly across all channels,'? said Dee Hadley, Chief Marketing Officer, UNO's Pizzeria & Grill. 'I am thrilled to say the search is over, and we are excited to move forward with this partnership with AMP Agency and grow our business.'? AMP's team will be responsible for providing brand strategy, creative and integrated media across paid, owned and earned channels. "We could not be happier to have the opportunity to work with an organization that marries its inspiring heritage with transformative creative ideas,'? said, Gary Colen, AMP Agency. 'We look forward to working with the team at UNO to 'redefine a night out.''? For more information about AMP, including a creative portfolio and client roster, please visit ampagency.com, become a fan on Facebook, or follow @AMP_Agency on Twitter.  ### About UNO's Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Uno Restaurant Holdings Corporation includes 136 company-owned and franchised restaurants located in 24 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Honduras, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.  Famous for inventing the Deep Dish Pizza in 1943, UNO's mission is to deliver big, bold flavors, rich, rewarding experiences and unbelievably delicious pizza and other craveable menu creations you won't find anywhere else.  The Company also operates fast casual concepts Uno Dué Go and UNO fresco, a quick service concept called Uno Express, and Uno Foods, a consumer packaged foods business which supplies airlines, movie theaters, hotels, airports, travel plazas, schools and supermarkets with both frozen and refrigerated private-label foods and UNO branded products.  For more information, visit www.unos.com About AMP Agency AMP Agency is an integrated marketing agency with offices in Boston and New York City. We combine strategic planning, compelling creative, innovative execution and measurable results to help our clients achieve business success. Our goal is to help our clients gain clarity on human behavior, the evolution of media and opportunities for business growth. We are proud to work with a diverse portfolio of clients, including Hasbro, Destination Maternity, Ferrara Candy Company, Maybelline New York and Princess Cruises.

AMP Agency Launches First-of-Its Kind Uber Brand Promotion for Icelandair #MyStopover

Icelandair and Uber team up to bring a taste of Iceland to Boston   BOSTON, MA (OCTOBER 16, 2014) ' AMP Agency, an integrated marketing agency, launched the first-of-its kind Uber brand promotion for Icelandair today. As part of Icelandair's #MyStopover promotion, the brand is partnering with Uber to give Boston passengers an Icelandic Uber experience, including complimentary car rides and branded surprises. According to Uber, 'Uber and Icelandair share a vision: an elevated experience while connecting you to your favorite destinations, whether they're around Boston or around the globe. Now you can experience a taste of Iceland in a free UberSUV to anywhere in Boston.'? From 8 AM ' 7 PM today, Uber users will have the option of choosing a complimentary Icelandair UberSUV. Thirty of the UberSUVs will be furnished with products from Iceland, including Icelandic music, Icelandic Glacial Water and lotions. These SUVs will also include Icelandair pillows, blankets, and travel information, providing a comfortable 'in-flight'? experience for passengers en route to their final destination. To learn more about the Uber Icelandair experience, visit http://blog.uber.com/icelandair.

AMP Agency's Blowfish for Hangovers Wins Bronze Hub Prize

The Hub Prize awarded AMP Agency Bronze for its Blowfish for Hangover's Intoxication Nation. The Hub Prize Competition honors excellence in brand experience. According to the judges, the program demonstrated an 'extremely smart use of social 'big data' to create a string of content, and genuinely interesting data visualizations.'?    To view a full list of winner, visit the site here.

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