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What Are Influencers

Let’s face it there is no “offline” for most consumers anymore. The rise of social media has given consumers more power than ever before. Now shoppers have an arsenal of platforms at their disposal to make an informed decision when it comes purchasing anything from soap to soup. This has created a movement in the marketing world, and while traditional tactics are still in play, the opportunity to tap into social savvy influencers and facilitate a conversation that directly impacts a shopper’s path to purchase, is not one that should be ignored. What Is An Influencer? Influencers come in a myriad of forms: some push text heavy blogs with die-hard loyal readers, others boast millions of followers that fawn over their perfectly posed pictures and others provide their subscribers video of the highest caliber. At the end of day influencers are everywhere, every demographic big or small has their own cyber pioneers paving the way for the masses and setting the standard for the next generation of marketing. Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Influencers But What Your Influencers Can Do For You! While it may be daunting diving into this sea of virtually endless options it’s important not to become overwhelmed. You have a right to be picky. What is your endgame? What audience do you know you can reach, what audience do you want to reach and are there new audiences you might be able to reach? An influencer isn’t just a fashion blogger or a crazy coupon lady: they’re a brand. A good influencer knows their brand and most often a successful influencer campaign relies on selecting influencers that identify with your brand as much as you identify with their blog. Too often brands make the mistake of courting influencers who just aren’t the right fit for them and no amount of followers in the world can make-up for the unauthentic content that results from a Frankenstein marketing marriage. Moral of the story you aren’t fooling anybody; know your brand, know your audience and know your overall agenda. The Internet Is Forever It’s been said time and time again, but the Internet really is forever. When you partner with an influencer you’re making a long term investment. This may not be true for a singular campaign, but as a brand you’re creating clout, buzz that will live on to generate more impressions and feed the image that your brand desires. Giving you the opportunity to build your brand in an organic setting that will live on long after a campaign has come to an end.

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