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Hey Travel Brands, Here's How to Stand Out in the Planning Phase

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Up and Running

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2016 DataXu Summit

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Taco Bell's New Logo Coincides With Vegas Strip Debut

Publishers Turn a Blind Eye to Content-Recommendation Ads

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GoPro Helps You Stay in the Moment, Says Brand's First Scripted Spot

Free Luggage Wrapping Serves As Traveling Advertisements

11 Exciting New Materials Designers Should Watch

Facebook Is The Most Powerful Force Online — And These New Numbers Prove It

Presidential Election Causes Search Interest Drop in Real Estate and Travel

You Can Have Emotions You Don’t Feel

New Offering From Google in Testing: Carousels of Google Shopping Ads Spotted on YouTube

5 Ways Brands Can Build Loyalty With Young Consumers

How Game Theory Improves Dating Apps

Instagram Will Now Let Creators Add URL Links, Tag Friends, and Create Boomerangs in Stories

Ad Agencies Accept the #MannequinChallenge

Inside FT Labs, the Financial Times' Skunkworks

Snapchat's Latest Update Reveals Its Grand Strategy

The End of Relaxation

We’ve Got Human Intelligence All Wrong

The 8 Friends You Make in the Modern Workplace

Modern Loyalty: Love in a Time of Infinite Choice

Cracking the Operational Analytics Nut

Instagram's Ad Business is On a Rapid Trajectory

Why VR Arcades Could Be Virtual Reality’s Salvation

Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)'s Solution for Media Professionals

Why Smart Brands Are Embracing the 'Living Logo'

Inside Magic Leap, the Secretive $4.5 Billion Startup Changing Computing Forever

The Economist Ditches Pinterest and Tumblr, Renews Focus on Linkedin

You Will Soon Be Able to Order McDonald's From Your Smartphone

The Elements of Value

[Audio] So, You’ve Outraged the Internet. Here’s How to Apologize.

The NFL Was a Sure Thing for TV Networks. Until Now

Snapchat Gears Up to Win App-Install Ads From Facebook

Inside Equinox Gym's Perfectly Fit World (and Top-Secret Club)

Snap to Unlock Budgets: Inside Snapchat's Pricey Pitch to Advertisers

Why Do Millennials Hate Groceries?

How Pokémon Go is Changing Consumers' Attitudes Toward Location Services

The Brands That Make Customers Feel Respected

How the Internet Is Loosening Our Grip on the Truth

LeEco’s Smartphones and TVs Go On Sale in the US Today

And Then Advertising Got Weird: What is Oddvertising?

Facebook Could Be Associated With A Longer Life

Getty Images Launches Subsidiary Dedicated To Truth In Advertising

Digital Advertising Grew to a $32B Industry in the First Half of 2016

E-Commerce Spending To Match Stores For Holidays

What’s Next for Tech and Media in 2017

Why Google’s New Phone Will Soon Be Irrelevant

Mobile Will Represent 75% Of Internet Next Year: Bigger Ad Medium Than Print, OOH Combined

Twitter is Shutting Down Vine

The New Programmatic Arsenal: How Turner, The Economist Are Beefing Up Their Approach

Why Apple Needs to Step Up Its Product Events Sooner Than Later

Burger King Tries to Scare Customers by Dressing Up as McDonald's for Halloween

The End of Adolescence

An Ivy League Professor Says There Are Only Three Types of Friendships We Make

The Rise of Dating-App Fatigue

What the Future of Marketing Has In Store

The Absence of Mastery in the Era of the "Instabrand"

Being Human in the Age of AI, Robotics & Big Data

For Now, TV Broadcasters See Facebook Live as Marketing

Has This Black Mirror Episode Predicted the Future of Video Games?

The Scientists Who Make Apps Addictive

Paypal Tightens Integrations With Facebook Messenger

Girl Scout Cookie-Flavored Cereal is Heading to a Grocery Store Near You

Snapchat’s Created the First Ever ‘Welcomed’ Ads – and It's Making a Killing

Clutch Identifies Top Agencies in New York City

What Will Break People’s Addictions to Their Phones?

Mobile Moves to Majority Share of Google's Worldwide Ad Revenues

What Are the Super Rich Buying? Cars, Cars, Cars

Unilever's Global Marketing Chief on Busting Gender Stereotypes in Advertising

Tim Cook on the Digital You

7 Ways to Use Emojis For Marketing

Three Email Habits That Kill Your Whole Team's Productivity

Facebook Plans to Reduce Censorship, Show More Offensive But Newsworthy Content

Meet LeEco, the Giant Chinese Mega-Corporation That Wants to Sell You Absolutely Everything

The Power of Cohesive Branding: Why Apple Wins

'They Have the Advantage': What Snapchat's New Deal Means For Media

Meet Nintendo Switch, the System Formerly Known As 'NX'

Often Operating on Tight Budgets, Mothers Tend to Be Bargain Hunters

Broadcasters Begin to Embrace Programmatic Ad Buying

Meet the Woman Who Could Turn Into the Digital Era's Ultimate Challenger Brand

Instagram's Newest Feature is Incredibly Important

Google Flights Will Now Help You Avoid Sudden Price Increases

Coca-Cola Centralizes Social Media Marketing

The Diamond Industry's First Campaign in 5 Years Encourages Millennials to Make a 'Real' Commitment

How Airbnb Uses Data Science to Improve Their Product and Marketing

Google is Building a New and Improved Search Index Strictly For Mobile

‘It’s PR’: Fashion Marketing is Failing to Understand Data

Spotify Serves Its First Vertical Video Ads in New 'Branded Moments'

Twitter Has Never Been Stronger—Or Weaker

Google Starts Highlighting Fact-Checks in News

Is It Even Possible to Sell “Luxury” On Amazon?

Families of Choice Are Remaking America

It Doesn't Matter When You Eat

New DataXu Professional Certification is Precursor to Programmatic Future

What Are the Best Ways to Inspire Travelers?

Do Men and Women Really Have Different Personalities?

How GE and Adobe Are Seriously Leveraging Snapchat

Why Millennials Are So Fascinating

Travel Marketers Must Learn to Deal With Great Expectations

Navigating the New Waters of Live Content

Boys Can Wear Makeup, Too

Which Game Mechanics Make It to the Top?

Publishers Become Retailers in the Market For Survival

Hinge Now Wants You to Pay to Find Love in This Miserable World

As Facebook Turns Fickle, Publishers Focus Again on Search

Sprint Gives High School Students a Million Free Devices—So What's the Catch?

Beware the 'Authenticity Trap' When Marketing to Millennials

Internet Mysteries: Why Don't Retargeting Ads Stop After I've Bought the Product?

Top 10 Instagram Resources to Bring Your Instagram Game to the Next Level

Respect the Format: Stop Chopping Up Spots to Make 'New' Content

Technology Influences Traveler Expectations, Especially Millennials

Younger People Actually Prefer Reading the News to Watching It

The Silent Evolution of Domain Names

Five Reasons Why Apple Should Buy Netflix and Five Reasons Why It Won't

Why the 4 Ps of Marketing Might Be Outdated

How Criticism on Social Media Impacts Designers and Brands

What the Twitter Sale Reveals About Twitter, Itself

Bots Are the New Apps, Only They Suck (For Now)

Travel Brands As a Service: Planning Behaviors and Emerging Trends Uncovered

The Best Shopping Cities in the World

How to Pack a Suitcase

How to Target Moments of Need in the New Travel Landscape

Branding Once Meant Logos. Today, It Means AI

Location Tracking and the Trouble With 'Opting In'

More Evidence Cars Will Never Be Sexy Again

Facebook Launches Marketplace, a Friendlier Craigslist

Snapchat at 60 Million Users, and Other Advertising Week Reveals

Want to Reach Gamers? Stay Out Of Video Games

Facebook is Testing a Clone of Snapchat Stories Inside Messenger

How Hollywood Gets Its Old-School Tech

Here's What Different Mobile Ad Formats Do to Your Brain

Why We Love How-to Videos

5 Charts: The Global State of Programmatic Right Now

Hotel Tonight Launches HT Perks, Their Version of a Hotel Loyalty Program

The Media Maven Awards Honor AMP's Director of Integrated Media, Abby Tarbell

Content and SEO: What Makes Content Link-Worthy?

Snapchat Spectacles and the Future of Wearables

Day in the Life: Twitter's Head of Content Planning Thinks 'Feed First'

That's Lit: The Definitive Guide to Millennial Terms

Google's 4 New Advertising Moves Collectively Take Direct Aim at TV Budgets

A Netflix Exec Explains the Simple But Painful Process That Allows the Company to Thrive

Why Amazing Video Games Could Be Causing a Big Problem For America

Amazon Has Scared Target Into a Management Shake-Up, Just Like It Did to Walmart

Study: Branded Content Doubles Recall Compared to Display Ads

Slate, Now 20 Years Old, Reflects on the Value of Taking the Long View And Not Chasing Digital Media Trends

Are Social Media Food Holidays Making America Fatter?

Marketers Say Facebook Video Metrics Scandal is Overblown

The Ad Club's 2016 Innovation Day

The Future of Smart Toys and the Battle For Digital Children

Instagram's COO On Exceeding 500,000 Advertisers and the App's Next Big Opportunity

The Auto Industry’s Real Challenge

Facebook Wants to Show Brands How Its Ads Measure Up Against TV

10 Trends That Will Define Our Way of Living for the Next 100 Years

Walmart, Lowe's, and Whole Foods are Banking on This to Compete With Amazon

Why No Single Tune Felt Like 2016's Song of the Summer

The Top 50 Marketing Influencers on Snapchat (That Aren't DJ Khaled)

Researchers Use Wireless Signals to Recognize Emotions

China’s LeEco Raises $1.08B to Build Its Electric Sports Car

Digital Readiness Gaps

Your Tinder Match Can Now Judge You By Your Most-Played Songs On Spotify

Marketers Are Getting the Snapchat Targeting Data They Want. Will That Scare Off Users?

The Future of Sex, Dating, and Finding a Mate

Google Trips Is a Killer Travel App For the Modern Tourist

People Are Losing it Because NASA Kind of Changed Our Zodiac Signs

How Pastels Became a Cultural Obsession

12 Ways New Companies Can Build Brand Trust

Why Most Cereal Brands Are Discontinued Within 5 Years

NFL’s First Twitter Stream Gets Good Reviews

Adobe's Cheeky New Clothing Line Celebrates Some of the Worst Stock Photos Ever

The Biggest Google Ad Updates Are Also the Quietest

Secret Life of a Seven-Year-Old Instagram Star

How Fitbit Is Staying a Step Ahead in the Race for Wearables

How FX Became TV's Best, Most Reliable Network

How Forbes Got Readers to Double the Time Spent Per Post on Mobile

The Complete Guide to Every Single New Emoji in iOS 10

Marriott Bets on Loyalty in New Campaign

Twitter's New, Longer Tweets Are Coming

How GM Beat Tesla to the First True Mass-Market Electric Car

L’Oréal Grows Beauty Empire Using Breakthrough Tech and Innovation

5 Ways Social Media Has Changed Business Forever

Even Newspaper Ads Aren't Declining As Fast As Desktop Ads

The Decline of Premium American Fashion Brands. What Happened, Ralph and Tommy?

With Apple's New iMessage Store, Brands Want in on Your Texts

An Island No More: Inside the Business of the Podcasting Boom

Has Jonathan Ive Designed Himself Out of Existence?

How Brands Should Be Marketing Wellness to Women

Why People Pay for Subscription Entertainment Services

Facebook’s Humanless Sifting of Trending News Suggests Some AI Needs Supervision

9 Digital Marketing Stats That You Need to See From This Week

People Who Give Up Their Fitbits Are Plagued By Guilt

Why Apple is Anything But the Future of Music

Twitter's Jack Dorsey Only Has a Few More Quarters to Fix Things

Why Are Babies So Dumb If Humans Are So Smart?

Lego is Now So Popular That It Tried to Stop Americans Buying Any More Bricks

How to Make Email a Useful Tool Instead of a Burden

‘It’s More Exciting and Upbeat’: Why Journalists Are Moving to Ad Agencies

With Facebook's Power Growing, Publishers Scramble to Connect Directly With Audiences

Researchers Confront an Epidemic of Loneliness

Wildly Effective Marketing Has Led Americans to Eat Way More Protein Than They Actually Need

See the New Most Interesting Man in the World

The Top App Publishers of 2016 (So Far)

5 Things Streaming Music Data Can Teach Marketers

Snapchat Ad Sales to Reach $935 Million Next Year

Dorms for Adults: A Solution for Lonely Millennials?

Here's How 6 Brands Are Using Instagram's New Zoom Feature

What You Should Focus on Instead of Setting Goals

What Would McDonald’s ‘Agency of the Future’ Do?

IKEA is Opening a DIY Restaurant But You'll Have to Cook Your Own Damn Dinner

How Your Brain Keeps You Believing Crap That Isn't True

The Future of Mobile Video is Virtual Reality

Even Spotify is Surprised by the Huge Success of Its Discover Weekly Playlists

There’s a Very Specific Limit to What People Will Pay for Netflix

The Best Times for Tweets, Facebook Posts, Emails, and More

Why TV is Going to the Apps

The Myth of the Millennial as Cultural Rebel

Gatorade is Running a Serena Williams Snapchat Video Game Ad

How Screens Turn Kids Into Junkies

Twitter is Now Letting Select Users Put Pre-Roll Adverts on Their Videos

Confessions of an Ex-Facebook Trending News Curator: 'They Are Going to Get Rid of the Product'

Don’t Blame Airbnb for Ruining Your Hidden Paradise. Blame the Golden Age of Tourism.

Clutch Recognizes AMP as a Leading Inbound Marketing Agency

As WhatsApp Starts Sharing Data With Facebook, Some Brands See Dollar Signs

The iPhone Photography Awards

Snapchat is About to Introduce Something Advertisers Have Been Wanting For Ages: Behavioral Targeting

The 2016 Back-to-School Trends You Need to Know

How MTV is Working With Influencers and Brands for the VMAs

The Good, the Intentionally Bad, and the Ugly Grammar

Is Domino's Pizza the Next Tech Giant?

Truth, Lies and Stereotypes: When Scientists Ignore Evidence

Elon Musk Revolutionized Cars. His Brother Wants to Do the Same For Food.

This 100-Year-Old To-Do List Hack Still Works Like a Charm

September Issue Ads By the Numbers

The We Generation

Study: People Aren't Watching Less TV, They're Just Watching More Video Overall

Why the Teva and Birkenstock Trends Won’t Go Away

'People Go After a Name, Not a Connection': Marketers Sound Off on What's Wrong in Influencer Marketing

The Psychology of Why We’ll Pay What We Pay

The Kid Who Revolutionized YouTube’s Tech Reviews

Advertising Lessons From Rio, as Live Events Make the Leap to Streaming

[Video] Dating App Founder: Response Rates Go Up 60% When Your First Message Is Like This

The Rio Olympics Are Where TV Finally Sees the Future

Spotify, Netflix Tip-Toeing Into One Another's Territory

Rebranding Fashion in the Age of Instagram

Nike Wants to Be Your Personal Trainer

Rio Olympics: The Brand Winners and Losers

How Brands Can Use Empathy to Connect With Millennial Moms

The Instagram vs. Snapchat War: 43% Say They Would Delete Snapchat If Instagram ‘Stories’ Adds Filters

'A Different Way of Storytelling': How the Washington Post Shifts to Video

The CEO Guide to Customer Experience

50% of Millennials Read BuzzFeed – Why Marketers Should Care

You, Too, Can Start #Winning at Social Media

Macy’s and Sears Closures are Pretty Great for JCPenney

AMP Agency and Lotame DMP Partner to Increase Engagement by 250%

20 Big Questions about the Future of Humanity

Pinterest Follows Rivals Into Selling Video Ads

Retailers Like J. Crew Are Obsessed With Data. (And It’s Killing Your Shopping Experience.)

To Get More Out of Social Media, Think Like an Anthropologist

Tinder Will Look Quaint Beside the Future of Digital Dating

Westfield’s New World Trade Center Mall Puts In-Store Tech Center Stage

We’re Shifting From Driver Culture to Car Culture. Should That Change the Way We Think About Uber?

Snapchat is Acquiring Mobile Search App Vurb For $110M+

Big Media’s Strategy is Beginning to Look Like ‘Death Star’

Netflix and the Future of Entertainment

The New York Times Just Bought an Agency Focused on Virtual and Augmented Reality

Pepsi Buys First '#Promoted Sticker' Campaign on Twitter

10 Fictional Brands Hollywood Loves to Use in Movies and TV

Macy’s is Closing 100 Stores. Where Did All of Its Customers Go?

What Virtual Reality is Good For

[Video] Method's Co-Founder: How to Make a Dull Product Sexy

Hollar, the World’s First Online-Only Dollar Store, Woos Millennial Moms

Acting On the White Spaces in Mobile Gaming

Constant Disruption is the New Normal

Urban Outfitters is Riding the ’90s Nostalgia Wave

MITX eCommerce Summit- Read All About It

Why Agencies Should Be Betting Big on Data

Eddy Cue And Craig Federighi Open Up About Learning From Apple's Failures

Facebook Makes It Clear That Advertisers Are More Important Than You Are

The Rise and Fall and Rise of the GIF

Sprite Ads Taken Down After Sparking Sexism Complaints

Best Hotel Breakfasts in the World

Google Rolls Out Search Trends Hub for the Olympics

LinkedIn Just Made A Major Move - Did You See It?

Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and the Internet of Forgetting

Virtual Reality is Becoming the Next Great Storytelling Canvas

Walmart is Buying for $3 Billion

Introducing Artisto, An App That Filters Videos Into Different Artistic Styles Using an Artificial Neural Network

Nike and Others Dive Into Instagram Stories: Why Marketers Already Like It Better Than Snapchat

Betting Billions on Rio, Comcast Hopes to Win the Future of Television

BLITZ Helps FX Network Roll Out FXNOW Windows 10 App in Three Months

Is Diversity on TV Really Getting Better?

Advertisers Beware: Audiences Are Taking Longer Than Ever to Watch TV Shows

Why Your Texts Sound Angry When You Add a Period

Journalists Still Trust Traditional Media Over Social

The New Age of Empathy

Is Sushi ‘Healthy’? What About Granola? Where Americans and Nutritionists Disagree

Rainbow Bagels and Pizza Rat: Inside Play-Doh's Branded-Content Strategy

Olympic Ads Attracting Fans To Engage, Share, With Mobile Appeal

Instagram Takes On Snapchat With Its Very Own Stories Offering

Digital Transformation Requires a Mindset Beyond Marketing

Digital Media Companies March Slowly Toward TV

Facebook's Three-Stage Search Advertising Strategy

The Best Platforms Are More than Matchmakers

Samsung Explains Why It’s Betting on ‘Experiential’ Marketing

Mercedes-Benz Uses Influencers to Reach Millennials

How Women Are Swiping the Weirdness Out of Online Dating

Rent The Runway Tries to Go Beyond Prom Dress Rentals

Will the Millions Spent By Apple, Spotify, Pandora and YouTube Decide Who's No. 1?

Apple Can Still Make Money After the iPhone—But Brand Loyalists Won’t Like It

Star Trek Brings Mobile Advertising to the Future With Real-Time Video

Virgin America's New App Puts a Travel Agent in Your Pocket

How TV Tuned in More Upfront Ad Dollars: Soap, Toothpaste and Pushy Tactics

We’ve Forgotten the Power of Humility

The 60 Most Popular Apps of 2016

How Facebook Made Your Birthday a Business

The Next Five Years: How UX Best Practices Will Change And How You Can Keep Up

IBM Hired Hundreds of Designers to Figure Out What Customers Want

Lufthansa is Selling Seats on Flights Through Airbnb

Reddit Will Let Brands Sponsor Posts From Regular Users

Why Retailers Still Struggle With Omnichannel—and How They Can Conquer the Challenge

Google Still Dominates the World Search Ad Market

How Meredith's Magazines are Shifting to Video

Pokémon Go Phenomenon: How Advertisers and Brands are Getting Involved

How Mobile Has Redefined the Consumer Decision Journey for Shoppers

Yahoo Sells to Verizon in Saddest $5 Billion Deal in Tech History

Apple Lays The Groundwork to Kill Online Advertising

Unilever Says Dollar Shave Club Subscription Model Will Be Used for Its Other Brands

Bigger Budgets for Back-To-School This Year, According to National Retail Federation

Facebook 2026

Chipotle, Still Suffering as Sales Slide Again, Sees Hope in Rewards

Beer Is Getting Nutrition Labels and It’ll Probably Bum You Out

AMP Agency Sweeps Marketing Awards in Q1 Awards Season

How Advertising Can Shift Culture For The Better

How eBay Crafts Its Social Ads to Target Both Geeky Guys and Fashionistas

Do Students Lose Depth in Digital Reading?

What Life Was Like Before the Internet

Using an Algorithm to Figure Out What Luxury Customers Really Want

Unilever Buys Dollar Shave Club in Reported $1 Billion Deal

Michelob Ultra: Get Fit...Then Get Lit

The Psychology Behind Why You Overshare on Slack

Women's Purchasing Influenced by Social Media

Timeline Gold: How Do Brands Use Social Data Creatively

The Evolution of Marketing Platforms: From Automation to Journeys

Mobile-Location Data Predicted Sports Authority’s Demise and Shows that Retailers Can Benefit From It

A New Era of Innovation

Snapchat Talks With Hollywood About Bringing Shows to the Platform

How Generation Z Females Could Be the Answer to Tech’s Gender Diversity Problem

Facebook Now Lets Broadcasters Restrict Their Live Audiences by Age, Location, Gender

Why Good Storytellers Are Happier in Life and in Love

Tap to Like: Inside Instagram's Full Court Press Into Sports

Live Streaming Breaks Through, and Cable News Has Much to Fear

Emerging Demographics Are the New Emerging Markets

Google Launches Smarter, More Visual Ads Timed for Holiday Shopping

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Pokémon Go Adds $9B to Nintendo’s Value, Global Rollout Continues This Week

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Wearable Fitness Devices Attract More Than Young and Healthy

It's Time to Ditch the Paid/Earned/Shared/Owned Model of Ad Tech

Facebook to Add ‘Secret Conversations’ to Messenger App

Millennials are Killing the Golf Industry

How Dollar Shave Club Went From Viral Marketer to Engineering Powerhouse

Culture as a Competitive Advantage: 3 Tips for Sustainable Success

Grocery Brands Flock to Ads Informed by Your Real-World Shopping

The Tyranny of Messaging and Notifications

Snapchat’s Memories Opens Stories to Pre-Produced Photos and Videos

No One's Better at Investing in Attention Than Facebook

Parents Are Increasingly Using Mobile Devices for Back-to-School Shopping

How Kellogg’s Killed The Breakfast Cereal Trend

Here's Why Las Vegas Hired DJ Khaled to Launch Its Snapchat Channel

Mobile Ad Study Finds Interstitials Only Slightly Better Than Banners for Being Seen

How Hotels Are Luring Millennials in the Era of Airbnb

Technology May Be Retail’s Only Savior

The Hourglass is 'Nearing Empty' on the Newspaper Industry

Why It's Time to Kill Advertising as We Know It and Start Building 'Storyworlds'

Facebook's Chatbots Now Know Customers' Names And Preferences

How Much Do We Love TV? Let Us Count the Ways

Marketing to Women From Its Earliest Days Has Kept Keds Running for 100 Years

Video is Becoming an Important Part of Social Engagement

Write Better Ad Copy with This 1 Rule

Breakthrough Storytelling Starts With Audience Intelligence

Condé Nast Is Connecting Media Consumption and Purchase Data to Improve Branded Content

Retailers' Favorite Channels for Branded Content

Snapchat is Slashing Its Ad Prices for Brands

At Cannes, the Ad Industry Confronts the Rise of Facebook

Google and Amazon Look for Growth in Digital Education Market

How Americans Spend Their Day Reflects a Shifting Economy and Population

Confessions of Online Video Execs: 'We're All Immature'

Streaming Video Subscriptions Are Now Just as Popular as DVRs

How Amazon Prime Became a Successful Loyalty Program

The Obstacles to Digital Growth That You're Not Thinking About

Google, Facebook Quietly Move Toward Automatic Blocking of Extremist Videos

Talk to Me: Why Retailers Shouldn’t Overreact to the Voice Search Revolution

Mind Versus Machine: When it Comes to Branding, Who Will Win?

Here's How Twitter Aims to Sell $50 Million in Ads for NFL Livestreams

Did Facebook Just Deliver a Crushing Blow to Native Advertising?

Unilever Vows to Stamp Out Female Stereotyping in Its Ads

How to Navigate a Digital Transformation

Why the Most “Cultured” Among Us May Be the Most Resistant to Change

Stop Measuring Reach in Your Social Media Marketing: It's about Genuine Engagement

Why Big Brands are Suddenly Getting Cozy with Reddit

The Marketplace of Things

One in Three Young Social Media Users are Influencers

Advertisers Need to Be Storytellers—First and Foremost

Facebook Adds More Tools for Branded Content in Instant Articles

Advertisers Try New Tactics to Break Through to Consumers

How to Put More Emotion in Storytelling

Mobile Ad Spend Nears $100 Billion

Snapchat and Facebook Fight to Get Users and Brands to Overshare

6 Ways to Maintain Brand Continuity

Fan Favorites: A Model for Brands to Understand Fans

Apple Plays Catchup With…Everyone

Storytelling in Virtual Reality: The Basics

Mattel Redeems Itself with the Rather Excellent 'Game Developer Barbie'

Twitter is Using Emoji to Show You Ads, so Maybe Cool it With the Eggplants

Selling Luxury: How High-End Brands are Embracing the Internet

Snapchat is Starting Up a Digital Magazine About Technology

Despite Behavioral Differences, Gen Z Shares Fundamental Truths on Being Young

How Digital Is Changing the Way Brands, Retailers Reach Consumers In-Store

Are Father's Day-Themed Campaigns Successful?

What 300 Million Users Taught Kik About Chatbots

Primrose Schools Launches First National Broadcast Campaign

Facebook Taps GPS, Square to Track Your In-Store Visits and Purchases

Hollywood Has a Huge Millennial Problem

No One Cooks Anymore

Snapchat Launches a Colossal Expansion of its Advertising, Ushering in a New Era for the App

The 25 Campaigns Predicted to Steal Cannes

Which Headlines Attract Most Readers?

How Samsung Embraced Innovation to Become a Master of Brand Marketing

Scripted TV Is Dying a Slow Death

Why is Microsoft Buying LinkedIn?

How Hearst Turned an 8-Year-Old Recipe Website Into a Social Video Heavyweight

The Never-Ending Quest to Cure Loneliness

Google Already Maps the Entire World, Now They Want to Map Your Home – Down to the Furniture

(Video) 'Thought Leader' Gives Talk About 'Thought Leadership' That Will Inspire Your Thoughts

Period. Full Stop. Point. Whatever It’s Called, It’s Going Out of Style

Jack Daniel's Boosts Marketing Spending as It Marks 150 Years

The Biggest Heroes are Your Millennial Audience

McDonald’s: It’s the Glue That Holds Communities Together

48 Stats That Will Help You Improve Your Instagram Strategy

Netflix Studied Your Binge-Watching Habit. That Didn’t Take Long.

Why the Marketing Revolution is About to Arrive

The Venmo Request: A New Wrinkle in Modern Dating

Infographic: America's Top Spelling Mistakes

Analysts Predict the End of the Smartphone Boom

The Future of Branding is Debranding

Verizon's Old Pitchman Switches to Sprint in Delicious Bit of Backstabbing

What are Dark Posts and How are Brands Using it?

7 Big Trends Shaping the Future of Digital Advertising

Snapchat Has Reportedly Surpassed Twitter in Daily Users by Reaching 150 Million

Love and Sex are a Swipe Away but Finding Friends Digitally is Still Hard

Cadillac Says Goodbye to Showrooms and Yes to Virtual Reality

To Beat the Blues, Visits Must Be Real, Not Virtual

Can AMP Agency Predict the Future?

Alexa Now Has More Skills Than Your Honors Student

The Highest-Tech Stadium in Sports is Pretty Much a Giant Tesla

How Apple Lost its Way: Steve Jobs’ Love of Simplicity is Gone

Walmart Teams Up With Uber and Lyft For Grocery Delivery Test

What Are Influencers

Storytelling Snobs Don't Realize How Powerful Content Marketing Can Be

Food Has Eaten the Internet and it Tastes Like a Vampire Taco

Why Cadbury Spent Half of Their Budget on Snapchat

Facebook Rolls Out New Diverse Emoji for Messenger

Instagram Will Finally Give Businesses an Official Presence on its Platform

Plane Porn: Inside United's Instagram Strategy

Mondelez Makes Moves to Look More Like a Media Company

Snapchat Inks Multiyear Deal with Wimbledon

Wanderlust Millennials: Young People Prioritize Travel Above Other Expenses

Women Speak More Aggressively on Facebook, Study Finds

It’s Been Decided: Amazon is the King of Innovation

These 'Commitment Rings' Stop You From Watching Netflix Unless Your Partner Is Around

Why Buy Buttons on Social Media Haven't Taken Off for Retailers

Lines Blur Between Breakfast and Snacks

Snapchat Starts Partnership with Nielsen to Offer Deeper Audience Metrics

Here's How Airbnb Disrupted the Travel Industry

Snapchat Exposed: How Their Influencer Economy Runs on Hot Tubs, Selfies, and Whey Protein

(Video) Guests at This Exclusive L.A. Dinner Party Were Eating McDonald's Ingredients

This is What it's Like to Grow Up in the Age of Likes, LOLs and Longing

The Rise and Fall of Nintendo’s Miitomo: Why Downloads Don’t Matter

Google Rethinks and Redesigns AdWords to be Mobile-First

When Customer Service Goes Wrong: Who the Heck is Running the ASOS Facebook?

Even During TV Time, Digital Devices Play Prominent Role

Why Serena Williams Loves Snapchat

How a New Online Dollar Store Hit $1 Million in Monthly Sales in 5 Months

3 Things About Video Content We Can Learn from Beyonce

40 of the Best Inspirational Talks for Creative

Fitbit Trackers are 'Highly Inaccurate'

At Warby Parker, a Sense of Exclusion in a Low Price

How Adidas Originals is Using Snapchat

For the VR Generation, the Differences Between TV and Movies May Already be Irrelevant

Craft Brewers Teamed Up to Make a Single Beer, With 4,490 Brewery Names on the Label

8 Ways for Brands to Deliver Humorous Content

Brands are Dropping the Ball on Social Media

Fashion Unfiltered: How Four Creative Directors are Using Snapchat

When to Use the Heart: 14 Guidelines for Emoji Etiquette

Disney as a Service: Why Disney is Closer Than Ever to Walt’s 60-Year-Old Vision

Sustainability is Out, Responsible Innovation is the New Thing

Target Using California Stores as Retail Labs to Test “Enhancements”

2016 Food Trends on Google: The Rise of Functional Foods

Get Ready, People: Snapchat is Considering a Facebook-style Algorithm

“Plus size” is a Meaningless Term, and Brands Should Start to do Away With it

Nokia to Return as Smartphone Brand

12 Non-Technical Questions to Ask Developer Candidates

What Twitter's Evolved Character Count Means for Brands (and Agencies)

Misconceptions About Boomers May Impact Your Bottom Line

Why Americans Aren't Shopping

Campbell’s Discontinues Soup in a K-cup

Facebook is Expanding its Video Ads with Publishers like USA Today and Daily Mail

OkCupid Study Reveals the Perils of Big-Data Science

Trying to Pin Down the Mosaic of Millennial Tastes

Denny's Is Seeing Its Biggest Growth in a Decade, Thanks in Part to Its Sassy Cartoon Breakfast Foods

Hey Shopper Marketers... We Are Talking To You

Hulu Claims Binge-Watching Can Actually Make You A More Honest Person

Who'll Win And Lose In Digital Media's Mindless Rush To Video

Calvin Klein’s Hypersexual New Ad Campaign Is Creeping People Out, Just Like In The Old Days

The Ipod May Be Dead, But Those Iconic Ads Still Shape The Way We See Music

What Do Consumers Want? Look at Their Selfies

Look Inside Lululemon's Ultra-Sleek 'Concept' Store

Emojis Will Show Women Doing More Than Painting Their Nails

It Looks Even More Like Amazon Will Become America's Top Clothing Retailer in 2017

WhatsApp Finally Launches Desktop Apps

Amazon to Launch Recipe Delivery Service This Fall

Twitter Says Users Trust Influencers Nearly as Much as Their Friends

Infographic: How Gen Z Girls Shop and Socialize Online

Facebook will start enforcing the Branded Content Policies

Your Abandoned Shopping Cart Items are About to Show up as Instagram Ads

The Real Reason Apple Made the Apple Watch

The Organic Food Revolution That is Minting Millionaires

Demand for Stock Photos of “House Husbands” and “Entrepreneur Women” is Skyrocketing

Online Browsing Is the New Impulse Buy

Bots, Messenger and the Future of Customer Service

What Twitter’s Done to Increase Users (and please Wall Street) in 2016

How Airbnb Is Taking On The Hotel Industry

The Recipe for a Successful Team

Which Industries are the Most Digital? And Why?

How Millennials Ended the Running Boom

GM, Lyft to Test Self-Driving Electric Taxis

Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality

Airbnb: Why Being a Meaningful Brand is More Than Just ‘Worthy Advertising’

How Gaming is Shaping the Future of Work

Reaching Millennials With Old School Billboards at Music Festivals

Why Adidas is Scoring a Comeback in the U.S.

How Teenagers Are Transforming the Plus-Size Industry

Is the Tech Bubble Popping? Ping Pong Offers an Answer

Why Everyone From Jose Cuervo to BuzzFeed Is Jumping Into Livestreaming

Tim Cook: In a few years people will say, 'How could I have ever thought about not wearing this watch?'

(Video): Zipcar's Co-Founder on the Biggest Challenge Facing Elon Musk's Hyperloop

The Future of Digital Lead Generation

Food Tech is Men Rebranding What Women Have Done for Decades

JetBlue Wants You to Love Crying Babies on Planes

The Experiential Landscape for 2016 and Beyond

Why Digital Video Is the Ultimate Equalizer Among All Media

The Internet Economy

How Domino’s Put Automagic Pizza on Every Device. Like, Every Device

Nerds vs. Hipsters: What Sells for Brands?

Snapchat Users are Watching 10 Billion Videos a Day

The Digital Era Is Crippling The Five Year Strategic Plan

How the ‘Evil Corporation’ Became a Pop-Culture Trope

Why Are We So Bored?

Alphabet’s Next Big Thing: Building a ‘Smart’ City

The Introverted Corporation

10 Critical UX Practices

More and more households are getting online solely through mobile devices

Lowe’s Enlists Snapchat, Facebook Mobile Video in New Push to Reach Millennials

4 Men with 4 Very Different Incomes Open Up About the Lives They Can Afford

Facebook Isn’t the Social Network Anymore

The Privilege of Taking Risks

Ads That Empower Women Don't Just Break Stereotypes—They’re Also Effective

In an Age of Privilege, Not Everyone Is in the Same Boat

JC Penney and Pinterest Team Up to Target Moms at a Mall Near You

Mobile-Game Revenue to Surpass Console and PC

Pinterest Reinvents Itself to Prove It’s Really Worth Billions

Facebook Considering Paying Some of Its Users

Uber Overtakes Rental Cars Among Business Travelers

Digital Advertising Revenue Jumped 20% in 2015

How Food Became Pop Culture

Eleven Way to Train a Newly Minted Developer

Airbnb App Delivers Authentic Local Experience

The Average 29 Year Old

LinkedIn- The Stage for the 2020 Workforce

The world’s most counterfeited brand isn’t a luxury label

Chobani and Yahoo: Yes, Search Ads Really Can Lift Sales

Samsung Patent Unveils Idea For Smart Contact Lenses With A Camera And Display

The Minecraft Generation

The Evolution of Customer Service

Expectant Parents Need Content More Than Ever

Disney’s Savvy Marketing of ‘The Jungle Book’

Advertising's Gender Problem: Some Brands Are Starting To Get It

Are Fintechs Helping Banks Evolve – or Planning a Revolution?

The future of TV isn't Netflix and Amazon—it's Facebook and Twitter

Is Staying In the New Going Out?

5 Fashion Brands Worth Following on Snapchat

Fidelity Creates Its Vision For Customer Experience

An Exploration on Sleep + Society

Domino’s Introduces ‘Shareable’ Packaging

Facebook Opens Up Live Video to Drones, TV Broadcast Feeds and Live Streaming Cameras

Tesla is the new Red Bull: Every brand wants to be it but can't pull it off

How Snapchat Killed the Homepage

Facebook Built a 360-Degree Video Camera. Oh, and the Design Is Yours for Free

How Luxury Travel Is Changing the Fashion Industry

Facebook’s Imperial Ambitions

American Idol and the Evolution of Criticism

People are Reportedly Sharing Fewer Personal Updates on Facebook

The Free Internet Is Eating Itself

Slaying Marketing Myths

Why the CMO of Belkin Banned the Separation of Digital & Traditional Marketing

Cookie Monster's Apple Ad 'Outtakes' are Pure Joy

Snapchat Killed the Millennial Star

The Future of News in the Era of Content Aggregation

5 Instagram Tips From Mercedes-Benz

Why the Walls are Crumbling Between Sales & Marketing

Facebook’s Live Streaming Just Got a Major Update

How Under Armour Wants to Use Data to Make You Healthier

Baseball, NFL sports streaming deals are probably the wave of your sports viewing future

Domino's Cooks Up Its Latest Tech Move: Zero Click Ordering

Why Brands From Barbie to Uber Are So Hot on Chatbots

Programmatic Pays Off Big for P&G, but Obstacles Loom

Pipelines, Platforms, and the New Rules of Strategy

Outshone by Smaller Screens, PCs Aim to Be Seen as Cool Again

A Labor of Love: Reimagining Our Iconic Logo

Taco Bell, People Magazine, Hearst & Tiger Beat Utilizing Wishbone App to Tap 4 Million Teens for Real-Time Focus Groups

Why No Dining App Is the ‘Airbnb of Food’ (Yet)

Social Media News You Need to Know: March 2016 Roundup

Mobile Helps Parents Make Better Purchasing Decisions (Infographic)

Clippy’s Back: The Future of Microsoft Is Chatbots

Facebook’s Live Video Effort Entices Media Companies

Mothers of Addicts Turn to Online Networks

How To Change Someone’s Minds, According to Science

James Patterson Has a Big Plan for Small Books

Eating something sweet can lead to a romantic date

Facebook Messenger can now be your boarding pass on KLM flights

Is Digital Experience Management the New Social Business?

The Future of 3D Printing for Drugs and Organs

80% of Millennials Have Been ‘Ghosted’

Instagram Rolls Out 60-second Videos

How to Build a Strategic Narrative

In Vogue. Innovation.

Whole Foods' Strategy For Luring Millennials: Be A "Super Cool Hang"

The evolution of online behavior

The 4 Things It Takes to Succeed in the Digital Economy

How Millennials Consume TV Depends on Which Stage of Life They're In

The Rise of the Publishing Platform Specialist

In Shift to Streaming, Music Business Has Lost Billions

The Future of Gaming Data Analysis

3 Things I Learned as an Adjunct Professor

General Mills Ditched Artificial Colors and People Started Buying its Cereal Again

Pinterest Lost in Translation

We’re More Honest With Our Phones Than With Our Doctors

Emojis in Marketing on the Rise

How Vizio and Google Radically Reinvented the TV

The Winners of the Smithsonian Magazine's 2015 Photo Contest

A New Idea In Activewear: Panic Buttons For Your Pants

IBM's Watson analyzed all the 'Harry Potter' books and movies — and the results are fascinating

Beautiful, Inside & Out: Creating a memorable experience in-store and online

Facebook announces “Messenger Bot Store” at F8

Darknet 101

Interaction16 Trends from Adobe

Science Says to Stop Worrying About Teens and Kids and Tech

How Maple Built An Insanely Efficient, Chipotle-Crushing Food Delivery Machine

Saving the Self in the Age of the Selfie

The Digital Transformation Conversation Shifts to ‘How’

DeepMind Could Bring The Best News Recommendation Engine

Why I'm Still Thinking About the Women's Leadership Forum Two Weeks Later

The Ad-Pocalypse: Advertising Is Dead. Long Live Attention And Persuasion

Harley-Davidson Kick-Starts Global Effort

Nike CEO Says Its Innovations Are Focused on Customization, Ease

Here's Why 'Straight Outta Compton' had Different Facebook Trailers for People of Different Races

Nike is Extending the Track to the Runway

What to Expect at Apple’s Spring Event

How Spotify Solved for the ‘Paradox of Choice’

Why Brands Love the Everyman Appeal of St. Patrick’s Day

Instagram is switching its feed from chronological to best posts first

Amazon May Soon Let You Pay Using A Selfie

Infographic: The Video Sites Millennials Can't Live Without (and the Ads They Can Live With)

How designer headphones became as much of a fashion status symbol as bags and watches

The Future Of Computing

Here Is When Each Generation Begins and Ends, According to Facts

Gatorade Gets Fit for Digital Age

The Winner-Take-All Digital World for CPG

AMP Agency Hires New VP of Media to Drive Innovation

"Hug Your Haters"

25 Song That Tell Us Where Music Is Going

Millennials Spending Power Has Hilton Weighing a 'Hostel-Like' Brand

Facebook Is Eating The World

Will the Ad Revolution Be Televised?

Why Sexy Advertising is on the Decline

Carmakers Partner with Niche Brands to Stand Out

Why the Poor Pay More for Toilet Paper and Everything Else

A VR ‘Heroin Cave’ to Help Addicts

#ShareYourStory - A Reflection on the 2016 Women's Leadership Forum

Google Search gets Destinations, a mobile-only feature for planning your next vacation

Kraft Changed Its Mac and Cheese and Nobody Noticed

How Angie's List Is Staying Relevant in an Era When Review Sites Are a Dime a Dozen

The NFL on Facebook Is a Glimpse at the Radical Future of TV

Key Lessons from the Ad Club’s 2016 Women’s Leadership Forum

Kids: "Don't Post About Me, Mom and Dad"

Instant Gratification Won't Be Enough in the Future of Brands

Which Jobs Get Right-Swiped?

What Do People Want From Your Website?

“People Will Fall For It Like A Drug”

Virtual Reality Will Be Stuck In Limbo Until It Gets Its Own Language

Television Has A Business Model Problem. And It’s Killing Good TV

Why Starbucks Will Win Over Italy: It Doesn’t Really Sell Coffee

Contagious Pioneers: The Work

Netflix's $5 Billion Budget Is Setting Off an Arms Race in Cable

Network Earth

The 5 Most Influential Data Visualizations of All Time

Why retailers should take note of Fashion Week’s popularity on Instagram

The Quantified Welp

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a VR headset

Television Academy expands Emmy categories to include digital content

How to Leverage Seasonality to Insert Your Beauty Brand into Timely Conversation

The Future of Work: Can Digital Spread Wealth?

It’s Time to Get Social With Search

Is Virtual Reality Fit for Retail?

Microsoft to Unify PC and Xbox One Platforms

The Long-Term Effects of Multitasking

AI and Deep Learning Explained

Hyper Island Co-Founder Extolls the Merits of "Doing By Learning"

Usability Findings for E-Commerce inform Design for Scrolling, Loading, and Buying

Turn up your mobile organic performance with AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages

Airbnb and Uber are the Next Frontier in the Struggle Between Capital and Labor

Creating a Computer Voice That People Like

Samsung is Building 256GB Memory Chips for Smartphones

Life’s Work: An Interview with Kevin Spacey

What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team

Facebook's Product Design Director Explains One Of Its Biggest UX Changes In Years

The Challenger Rises: 5 Questions with Audi USA’s Loren Angelo

Discover Beauty: Optimize Your Search

The Next Big Thing In Retail: Programmatic Commerce

Target is trying to be Amazon Prime, and it’s Working

Airlines Are Introducing a Class Below Economy

Facebook rolls out expanded Like button reactions around the world

The world’s first supermarket selling only expired food has opened in Denmark

Inside Samsung 837, a new ‘digital playground’ in NYC to market Samsung products

Play nice! How the internet is trying to design out toxic behaviour

AMP Shopper Digital Partners with Retailigence to Deliver Location-based Shopper Activation at Scale

Foursquare Can Measure Foot Traffic Generated by Digital Ads

Single Women Are Our Most Potent Political Force

We are Hopelessly Hooked (to Our Phones)

IBM’s Watson is Getting More Emotional

What If Your Receipt Revealed Nutritional Info About Your Purchase?

Google is Removing All Right Hand Side Ads on SERPs Worldwide

Beauty brands hope virtual makeovers encourage shoppers to try new looks

Microsoft, Samsung and Intel form smart home alliance

Why Retailers Are Missing Out on Mobile With Millennials

The Secret Life of Tumblr Teens

Wireless: the Next Generation

Trying to Predict the Election? Forget about Twitter

If You're Sick and Tired of Hipstery 'Maker' Culture, Watch This Hilarious Video Now

Microsoft's Move to Inclusive Design

Are Humans Hardwired to Believe in God?

Alexandra Elbakyan is the Robin Hood of Science

I Have Seen the Future of Media, and It’s In China

E-Commerce: Convenience Built on a Mountain of Cardboard

We Shot Our March Magazine Issue with iPhones

Twitter officially rolls out its new searchable GIF library

Content is the New Cosmetics Counter

The Dating Game

A New Dimension in Home Buying: Virtual Reality

Why Yahoo Couldn’t Adapt to the Smartphone Era

How Marketers Are Driving Growth Through Personalized Content

Why Facebook Says Your Video Ads Should Be Silent

“Little egg-shaped treasures”: Why teens online are obsessed with a lip balm brand

Timing Is Everything: Twitter Unveils First View Ads, Videos At The Top Of Your Timeline

Hilfiger to Host First ‘InstaPit’ for Instagram Content Creators at Women’s Show

Build a Beauty Brigade: Leverage YouTube Influencers to Reach, Engage and Connect

What You Need to Know About Twitter’s New Algorithmic ‘Catch-Up’ Feed

TV Dating Shows Influence How We Date in Real Life

The 15-second Film Taking Instagram By Storm

Why Most A/B Tests Give You Bullshit Results

Budweiser Posts 'Apology Cakes' on Imgur for Super Bowl Night's Designated Drivers

Why Twitter Has Run Into Trouble

With Full Power at CBS, CEO Moonves Sees More Aggressive Move to Digital

Coldplay Wins and Loses with Super Bowl Internet Eruptions

Best Instagram Video Feeds are Almost Strictly Bohemian, with an Occasional Giggle


Mobile Payment Trends for 2016

Souping Is the New Juicing

Why Mobile First Is Outdated [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to Draft the Ultimate Puppy Bowl Fantasy Team

60 Teenagers Reveal What They Think is Cool in 2016

How Demographics and Storytelling Style Affect Video Ad Effectiveness

How Facebook Changed Our Friendships

UX Issues Will Make (Or Break) Self-Driving Cars

How to Connect with Parents Via Facebook

The Inside Story of Uber’s Radical Rebranding

The #MillennialBillofRights

A Definitive List of What People Like on Facebook

The 100 Jokes That Shaped Modern Comedy

Why We Feel Music

Age of Abundance: How the Content Explosion Will Invert the Media Industry

How Our use of Communication Apps Change by the Hour

5 Creative Trends You'll Likely See When You Tune Into Super Bowl 50

Millennials will spend the most for Super Bowl Sunday

Traditional Fats and French Cuisine Trending in 2016

Record 2015 Profits for Facebook Driven by Mobile Ad Revenue

Federal Government Doesn’t Understand the Sharing Economy

Amazon Prime Memberships Grew 51% in 2015

How Brands Should Approach New Social Platforms

Why Apple’s Investors are Spooked

Technologist Now Need to Be Psychologists

Is Twitter Doomed?

Barbie’s New Body

How Advertisers Should Think About Digital Video In 2016

Netflix’s Lineup of Original Shows is Kind of Confusing—And That’s the Point

Inside Facebook’s Decision to Blow Up the Like Button

Goodbye, Golden Age of Growth

4 Ways Brand Can Win on Snapchat

Amazon and Apple Want to Save Your Sleep by Tweaking Screen Colors

Marketers to implement email and Facebook buy buttons in 2016, study finds

L'Oreal experiment finds direct videos most popular with young people

Geico's 'Unskippable' Is Ad Age's 2016 Campaign of the Year

Spotify Ready to Introduce Video Project

Hallmark Channel Creates ‘Cat-lete’ Emojis to Promote Kitten Bowl

Moleskine Asks You to Handwrite All Your Tweets on Saturday for National Handwriting Day

This Pancake Printer Could Be The Most Important Invention Of The Century

Lay’s Reveals 4 New Flavor Hopefuls

Nielsen to Use Facebook and Twitter in New Ratings System

Dove Highlights Men’s True Strength in Sappy Videos

Friday Treat: This Fashion Photographers’ Ridiculous Selfies

Why Coca-Cola Could be About to Wave Goodbye to Its Product Colors

25 Sweet, Simple Ads From Coca-Cola's Big New 'Taste the Feeling' Campaign

The Most Popular Ways Consumers Discover New Products

Tech’s ‘Frightful 5’ Will Dominate Digital Life for Foreseeable Future

Welcome to the Future: Chinese factory replaces 90% of humans with robots, production soars

Rethink: “All Stories Are the Same”