The Top Trends of Summer 2022 - Predicted By Search Data

Have you ever wanted to predict the future? The team at AMP Agency aren't true soothsayers, but with search data, we think we can call a few of the hot trends for this summer!

Bold Predictions Backed By User Queries

As a part of our Search Insights service, our team sought out topics using different tools that are related to summer activities or are closely aligned with the summer season.  Once our topics were discovered, we sorted them into 8 categories that are aligned with popular consumer behavior.

See The Top Trends in Your Category

From Travel to Fashion, see the consumer search interest trends that brands can leverage to gain a competitive advantage.

Data-Backed Insights on 40 Topics

From our research, we found numerous topics where consumer interest is rising,  proven by increasing query volume as reported by Google's Keyword Planner (US only).

Audience Intelligence from Keyword Queries

Be inspired to use another data source to power your business strategy:  Audience Intelligence from Search

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