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  • I Know You “Like” Me, But Can I Get a “+1”?

    Getting a “+1” doesn’t only apply to guest lists anymore. Google recently launched its new social sharing button, which will compete against Bing’s recent partnership with Facebook and the “Like” button. While Facebook is one of the most popular sites on the Internet, Bing still doesn’t compare to Google in terms of search engine user percentage.

    With unsuccessful past social media experiments of their own, Google is using their new +1 button as a means of influencing their own search algorithm.

  • Customer Service is as Important as Ever for Businesses….and Search Engine Marketing

    From 1987-1997, the FOX television network aired “Married With Children,” its most successful live-action sitcom to date. The show chronicled the miserable Al Bundy, a former high school football star turned women’s shoe salesman. Ever since Al scored 4 touchdowns in a game for Polk High School, his life went steadily downhill. For Al, work was no relief from his miserable home life, as he would routinely make fun of his customers for his own personal enjoyment. Something tells me that if social networking and local search were around back then, there is no way Al would have been employed at the same shoe store for 11 years.

  • Let Me Tell You What I Think

    Sharing personal opinions is the basis for many conversations in my life. From who should be voted off [insert reality TV show of choice] to where we should go to dinner, my friends and I are rarely reluctant to voice an opinion.

    With a recent explosion of innovative new spins on the user review, now it’s easier than ever to share an opinion. Here are a few of the biggest new kids on the block…