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July 11, 2011

Can you keep a secret? So can I.

By : , Account Executive, Integrated Public Relations

I recently read a blog post that detailed a rather upsetting interaction between a fan and the panel of judges from Top Chef. SymiGoddess fell in to a full-blown foodie swoon upon seeing the beloved bad-ass experts at a local bar, and as a Top Chef fanatic I could totally relate to her excited impulse to share her luck via Twitter. Symi sent out tweets saying, “I just met @PadmaLakshmi I'm in love,” and “Tonight just got surreal @ the esquire. Top Chef in the house!!!” Everything was going swimmingly until her evening was interrupted by staff from Bravo telling her that she had compromised the location of the celebrities and needed to stop tweeting. “Now.”
May 19, 2011

Future of the Web, Humanity, & Advertising

By : , Intern, Search Services

I recently had the opportunity to attend a presentation by Qi Lu, President of Microsoft’s Online Services Division and got to hear his views on what the future holds for the web and search. The presentation was really interesting and actually put me in awe of how much possibility there is.

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