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March 13, 2012

Why Facebook Timeline is Good for Brands & the Top 5 Things You Need to Know

By : , Vice President, Social Media & Public Relations

As you’ve likely heard by now, Facebook will be switching all brand pages over to the new Facebook Timeline layout as of March 30th, though you can preview the functionality now. While the jury is still out among some social media professionals as to whether or not this shift is beneficial to brands, I’m not having any trouble seeing the value this shift brings to the table for brands seeking real relationships with their consumers. This shift in functionality is one that finally, and for the first real time in the social media space, enables brands to tell their story, share their history, share the milestones that matter, and engage with consumers in an authentic conversation and relationship.
December 21, 2010


By : , Intern, Account Management

One thing that has intrigued me on my marketing journey thus far has been peoples’ reactions to stories. We are naturally drawn in by the story of a product or someone’s interaction with one. As marketers, we are challenged daily with creating a “story” to explain our research findings or to convey the BIG idea to our clients. We tell stories about brands to consumers regularly, hoping that they will connect with the story and share it with their friends and family. Therefore, a good storyteller has great potential in this industry.

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