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April 27, 2012

College Students' Back-To-School Shopping Behavior, Insights Lab Episode 9

By : , Director, Consumer Insights

AMP's Director of Brand Strategy, Jason Rivera, shares some insight on college students' purchase intent and shopping behavior. He discusses how brands can buy cialis discount leverage these insights to reach this demographic during the Back-to-School shopping season.
July 29, 2011

Guest Teen Blogger: Hannah – “Sixteen and Shopping”

By : , ,

Our most recent guest blogger is Hannah Romaine, 16, from Walpole, MA. We asked Hannah a few questions about her shopping habits and brand preferences, and what she believes the future has in store. Click through to see her answers to our questions:
July 15, 2011

Guest Teen Blogger: Brianna – "A Shopper from Good Ole Lancaster County"

By : , ,

Our most recent guest blogger is Brianna, a 16 year old from Lititz, PA. We asked Brianna a few questions about her shopping habits and brand preferences, and what she believes the future has in store. Cliick through to see her answers to our questions:
June 15, 2011

Guest Daddy Blogger, Mike: "Papa Needs a New Pair of Pre-Ripped Jeans (against his better judgment)"

By : , ,

With Father's Day around the corner, this month we've reached out a few dads to share their insights and perspectives. We spoke with Mike, a 34 year old first-time father living in Brooklyn, NY. Click through to get insight into Mike's shopping habits, brand alliances and on his recent foray into fatherhood.
May 2, 2011

Guest Mommy Blogger: Nicole – "Striving for Oxygen"

By : , ,

We’re introducing some new members to the AMP Agency team: Frequency Guest Bloggers. Each month we’ll reach out to two consumer demographics or mindsets. This month we reached out to Nicole, who is 36, a mom of three beautiful children and lives in Plainville, Massachusetts. Here are her responses to some of our questions.
December 2, 2010

I’m a Hauler, Baby, I Just Want You To Know

By : , Senior Account Executive, Integrated Public Relations

Should I get the matte taupe eye shadow or the shimmery plum eye shadow? Decisions like these make life so difficult… Well, perhaps they don’t make life difficult, but they certainly interest a lot of people. And who would’ve guessed? Hauls are the latest phenomenon in marketing – in fact, so revolutionizing that our own CEO Gary Colen recently chatted with The Boston Globe about hauls and their influence. So what exactly is a haul and what makes them influential?
December 1, 2010

Millennials are Looking for the “Shop-erience” this Holiday Season

By : , Associate Brand Planner, Brand Strategy

I’m a Millennial and I like to shop, both on- and offline. Of course, marketers and advertisers already know this simple fact. They also know that I have attended university and am just starting out my career, live in an urban-setting with a moderate household income, like to feel good about donating to philanthropic causes, and spend a large amount of time pilfering away on social networking sites. However, do marketers really know why I like to shop? It’s all about the experience.
November 26, 2010

You Can Like Whatever You Like

By : , Account Coordinator, Account Management

I'm thinking about purchasing my mom an e-reader for Christmas. From what I’ve heard, the Nook and the Kindle are the top two choices. They're both small, handy devices, have cute names, and I assume will let her download more books and newspaper articles than she’ll ever read. Evidently I don't know that much about these products, so I decided to do some online research. I’m not alone, 58 percent of my fellow adult American consumers research products they are considering purchasing online.

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