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April 10, 2013

PR is Your Most Valuable Link Building Tool

By : , Account Supervisor, Search

A large component of effective SEO is to acquire links from authoritative sources that are relevant to your brand.
April 10, 2012

SEO Buzzwords Explained through Real Life Scenarios

By : , SEO Specialists, Digital Media

SEO is most definitely not lacking in the buzzword department. Link juice, Panda update, social sharing, spider accessibility and canonical tags to list a few. What do these terms actually mean? In this post, Search Specialists Greg Faucher and Pavel Khaykin explain these terms through illustrative real life examples.
April 5, 2012

The Effects of Semantic Search, Insights Lab Episode 6

By : , Managing Director, VP, AMP NYC

Google recently announced its plans to give search a refresh via semantic search technology. What does this drastic announcement mean for search marketers?
December 4, 2011

Search Engine Giant Baidu to Invest Millions to Launch the SEO industry in China

By : , Manager, Search

China is getting ready to take on SEO in a major way and is ready to invest major dollars towards a fast growing industry according to the latest report released by Nasdaq. Baidu, the biggest search engine in China which holds a massive 84% market share is reportedly investing as much as $470 million dollars now through the end of 2015 into search engine optimization (SEO).
August 4, 2011

Buying Your Way to the Top with Social Media

By : , Manager, Search

Back in 2001-2002, all you needed was a website utilizing basic SEO elements and a few links and Google would love you and you could outrank your competition. Fast forward to today, the game has completely changed. Now, Google will likely ignore you until you’re able to prove your website deserves to rank in their search results based on their criteria. With over 100 factors taken into account into the Google search engine algorithm to determine how a website is ranked, this has lead to new level of abuse and capitalization from certain individuals and companies to try to game the system.
May 16, 2011

Google +1 Button for Websites Set to Go Live

By : , Manager, Search

In a matter of weeks, website owners will be able to insert the all new Google +1 Button to their websites, according to an announcement at the most recent Google I/O conference in San Francisco, California. With the +1 Button set to go live, and likely become available in late May/early June, this could potentially be a major step by Google to make an effort to continue to incorporate social media metrics into their standard search ranking algorithm. Google’s goal is to better understand what content is being shared to help determine quality, and possibly include social factors into their standard organic search algorithm.
April 4, 2011

Thoughts from the Search Desk: Google +1

By : , SVP, Search Services

Social media scored big points yet again last week as Google announced the new +1 feature to its search listings. Essentially, this is their response to Facebook’s “Like” as it integrates social signals into their search results. Searchers will be able to select a +1 button listed next to paid and organic search results (and in the future can be placed by webmasters next to content a la Facebook connect) for listings deserving of positive feedback. Why is this important? It indicates Google’s continued transition toward weighting personalization and actual user feedback into their results beyond algorithm based indicators such as inbound links. It is also a direct counter move to Microsoft’s Facebook integration into their Bing search results. Yet it moves one step further in enabling +1 on both paid and organic search listings. At this point distribution of +1 is extremely limited (less than 1% of searches) but will expand over the coming weeks. Initially, my thoughts surround a few topics...
March 1, 2011

Putting Some Love into SEO

By : , Account Supervisor, Search

As someone who has spent the majority of my life around music, I recently wondered what it would be like if artists sacrificed their artistic integrity to make their songs more searchable within search engines. Call me a dork, but yes, this thought actually entered my brain and it intrigued me enough to write a blog about it. This idea would be terrible for musical integrity, but it would be great for sales and artist related search traffic. So I thought about what some of the more popular music related search terms might be, and the first thing that came to mind was “love song.”
September 9, 2010

Thoughts from the Search Desk: Google Instant

By : , SVP, Search Services

Yesterday Google announced the release of Google Instant an enhancement that serves results as you type. In classic Google fashion this is a subtle tweak that may have substantial implications for brands across both paid and organic search. Before getting two excited though the reality is it’s all theory until the data can support it. So, as we enter into the new world of Google Instant here are a few initial thoughts for advertisers to consider...
August 5, 2010

These SEO Results are Delicious

By : , Account Supervisor, Search

Not long ago I was at having an enlightening and topical discussion about Meat Loaf (the singer, not grandma's favorite dinner staple). As this riveting discussion was coming to a close, I was reminded of an article I read where someone recorded Meat Loaf giving SEO advice over the phone. This article was memorable for two reasons: 1. Meat Loaf was giving SEO advice over the phone. 2. The blurb about Meat Loaf appeared in TV Guide, and I don't think I've ever seen SEO mentioned in a mainstream media outlet.
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